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I'm not a fan of fruit salad at all until I went to the Philippines and ate the fruit salad there. It is to die for. But no one would give me a recipe. This recipe comes really close. I couldn't find buko or any other canned or fresh young coconut, so I used the typical packaged shredded coconut. This recipe has all the right flavors but the texture is a little off. I doubled the amount of the coconut. Still everyone oooohhhed and aaaahhhhed over the flavor. As far as Nestles Cream, I found it and Nestles Sweetened and Condensed Milk in the Hispanic section of the Winco grocery store. I can't wait to make another flan using those ingredients. Even though the recipe still needs a little bit of tweaking. I'll give it 5 stars. I'm thrilled that I have something that comes that close to what I experienced in the PH. Thank you for posting your recipe.

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Catfish Jimmy March 01, 2013

I skipped the lychees because I don't like them and used wheat nuts instead of chopped almonds because it still turns out cheaper than almonds and my hubby loves them. I would just like to clarify that you use shredded young coconut for the salad. A can of condensed milk (or half a can if you don't like it too sweet) would also be a nice addition. Nestle cream is just all-purpose cream. We only specify it as Nestle cream because for a long time, the only manufacturer/distributor of all-purpose cream was Nestle. In fact, we still only have only about 3 brands available in the market. Any all-purpose cream will do for this recipe. This dish is a staple in Filipino birthday parties, fiestas and of course, the all-important Noche Buena (Christmas Eve meal) and Media Noche (New Year's Eve meal).

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couchpotatochin January 02, 2009

I've been making this before and I love it!... I did use a can of Nestle cream (you can check this product at any Asian store),a can of codensed milk and add cheese (cut in cubes),instead of using heavy cream & cream cheese... ooohhh my, everybody loves it...

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gc_angeles December 21, 2007

I've made this before without the cream cheese and only fruit cocktail. But with the cheese, my friends asked me what i added aside from the cream. I used more apples coz it added a little twist rather than using fruit cocktail all the time to this type of recipe and skipped the coconut.

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hmbs October 17, 2007

Thanks for the recipe- it was delicious. I've made this recipe before, but I never knew coconut was an ingredient and never used it. It truly made a difference in the taste. Also, I tried walnuts instead of the almonds and that took the taste to a totally different level. In fact, the walnuts didn't get soggy and soft like the almonds.

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wannabecook@21 September 20, 2007

i skipped the coconut and just used nestle's cream (any canned cream is fine). i whipped the cream with 5 tablespoonful of sugar until the cream comes out a bit light. then i folded in the fruits and nuts mix. i let it stay in the fridge for an hour. yummy!!!!

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matsky February 13, 2007

When I was still in the Philippines, I used to make fruit salad and buko salad and I always use nestle cream and I can assure you that it is not just condensed milk. It is more or less like heavy cream but creamier, or it is a double heavy cream.

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doki July 29, 2005

One reviewer for this recipe said that Nestle's Cream is just condensed milk, but I can assure you that it's not. I lived in the Philippines when I was a teenager and we made this all the time. Your aunt may have told you that as an easy thing to say, or decided she could just omit the Nestle's Cream since it was so hard to find. Filipinos like sweet things (even their spaghetti is made with sugar) and are not familiar with the wide variety of dairy products out there so condensed milk would be considered the key ingredient. I've never had a fruit salad anywhere else like it - the Nestle's Cream can make that much of a difference. The next closest thing to Nestle's Cream that you can find stateside would be like creme fraiche or Devonshire cream. Both cream products can be made (search Zaar), and sometimes you can buy creme fraiche in an upscale store like Whole Foods. The heavy cream mixed w/cream cheese is an interesting substitute.

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magdalena May 08, 2005

I made this for my son's school project on the Philipines and it was really good! I couldn't add the almonds in because one kid is allergic to nuts.When I make it for home I'm going to though. Thanks!

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mydesigirl December 14, 2004
Filipino Style Fruit Salad