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This turned out very good. The lamb wasn't much different than regular roast lamb but I love lamb any way it's made. The Sarsa was a fancy addition and wasn't as complicated as it seemed it was going to be. I had to resort to chicken livers. I didn't know how much 90 grams was so I bought 2 containers which ended up only being about 75 grams on my scale...So it's probably just over 2 lbs of liver? Anyhow the Sarsa turned out like a nice pate and was interesting with the lamb but I liked it better with rice. Also the instructions didn't say what to do with the olive oil for the lamb. I mixed it with the lime juice and poured it over the lamb. Thanks for the recipe.

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Engrossed December 06, 2006
Filipino Roast Leg of Lamb With Sarsa