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This tastes wonderful! But I have to add a warning.....this creates a lot of smoke when you are cooking the steaks, and pouring the balsamic in the skillet at medium high heat just caused a steamy vapor that disappeared in fumes. So I removed the skillet from the heat, waited a while, and then proceeded with the sauce. Next time I think I'll cook the steaks and sauce on the grill in a cast iron skillet.....that way you'd still get the brown bits from the steak in the sauce but keep the smoke out of the house. Loved the flavor of the steaks and the sauce! Cooking time at 3 1/2 minutes was perfect for a medium-rare steak, and the steak was nice and juicy because of the high heat searing. Great presentation too! The truffle oil adds a bit more shine to the sauce, not to mention a wonderful, rich flavor.

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breezermom March 09, 2013
Filet Mignons With Balsamic Pan Sauce and Truffle Oil