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The cooking of the steak worked out perfectly, and I loved the cheese on top. I had the same problem with the syrup as one of the other reviewers though. It smelled really good as I was cooking it, but by the time it had reduced to the proportion in the recipe, it was too thick, and as soon as it cooled, was far too sticky and toffee-like, and even hardened like a hard candy - I was afraid I would have to throw my pot out. The next time I make it, I think I will just do a balsamic reduction, and omit the sugar.

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Karen in MA September 15, 2009

Ok, I love steak! The technique here is perfect, and produces a delicious steak with the boursin cheese (what is in that stuff it is SO good). The problem for me is the syrup. I had to make the syrup twice because the first time it got too thick, so I tried again, and it did it the second time too. It looks gorgeous on the plate, but what you can't tell is those drips are chewy and thick like caramel. It really didn't turn out. I really think these flavors would work together, the balsamic should cut the richness of the cheese, but there is not enough instructions in the recipe to get the syrup just right.

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Gay Gilmore November 02, 2006

I love steak and cheese together. This was very rich, so don't use too much cheese and the balsamic syrup crystallizes so don't put too much of that on either.

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troyh November 02, 2006
Filet Mignon W/Balsamic Syrup & Boursin Cheese