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update on my previous review - I had a couple of these left over (can you believe it?) from my party, since they were large some people shared. So I put them in Ziploc's in the freezer. Today I popped one out and after about 35 min at 350, 95% as good as the first time! Long story short, these freeze surprisingly well.

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TexasBlonde May 31, 2006

This is scrumptious and the lads thought it was well worth the wait. Doubled the recipe and made for our New Year's Eve dinner. Used swiss cheese as that's what I had on hand. Did not use the dijon mustard in the sauce. Thanks for sharing!

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GibbyLou January 01, 2014

This is fancy and it looks cool, but I agree with the reviews saying this is bland. Also, it is easy to undercook because you can't actually see the meat.

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Colflower824 June 27, 2009

Very bland. Sauce helps. Very filling. Filet would have tasted better on the grill. Maybe use Swiss instead of Jack for more flavor.

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Rayndrop May 10, 2009

Made this for our first Valentines as a married couple. This was wonderful. I was even amazed that I could make something this good. Very simple as well. I served with Baked Beets. I did not use the horseradish sauce because I did not have horseradish. It was wonderful and moist without it. I also used Mozerella cheese because its all I had on hand. This was amazing. I am definetly going to make for guests sometimes to show off :) thank you!

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Wobin February 14, 2009

There was no filet mignon at my grocer so I picked up veal instead. This recipe works just as well for it. Veal doesn't have as much marbled fat as filet mignon does so I didn't cut off the extra. It turned out wonderfully! Thank you so much for posting this recipe. p.s. I marinaded the veal in white wine and pineapple juice then used that liquid to make a mustard sauce. MMMM!

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Siava February 14, 2009

Loved it!!!! A definite for Valentine's, Anniversary...or hoping for a proposal dinner. I love garlic, but didn't mince mine finely enough. My future technique shall be....smash, then mince the garlic.

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nktx54 December 02, 2008

This was really really amazing! I made it for my parents for thier anniversary, and it ended up working out beautifully. I ran out of puff pastry, a shortsighting on my part, so I ended up wrapping one steak in frozen pie crust and it worked fairly well...the flaky buttery texture of puff pastry is preffered, but in a pinch the frozen pie crust worked well. Also because of the high price of food I ended up using thick flatiron steaks, and they cooked perfectly with the times listed here. Fabulous! will use again.

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beckygirl September 30, 2008

TY Zaar for making it so easy to be a hero on Valentine's Day! This was a big hit with presentation, it looked like I slaved for hours and hours and was a wonderful steak. I used provolone cheese 'cuz I had some on hand and it was excellent. Beutifully browned very impressive yet quite simple to make. Thanks Wildflour.

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Notherjack February 15, 2008

I have been hungering to make this recipe ever since I saw McMystery Shopper's photo several months ago and now I finally did. It is so delicious (even though I forgot to make the sauce!). I had my husband's birthday dinner all planned (see Dave's Birthday Menu) and yesterday he said "I will be happy with roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy". Oops. I guess he saw the look on my face as he mentioned at dinner that he wondered what was up and he absolutely had no regrets about this dinner. I couldn't find any puff pastry so used phyllo dough and it came out great. The only thing better than filet mignon is filet mignon soaked in butter!! This is not a diet food but it is a good one. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipe.

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GaylaV December 02, 2007
Filet De Boeuf En Croute