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We followed the directions exactly as written. We thought the gumbo was good, but the file seemed to overpower the rest of the dish. I have a gumbo file from Penzey's. Later, when DH took a look at the recommendations on our Penzey's bag, it suggested about 2-3 tsp for the amount of stew listed in the recipe, versus tablespoons. Perhaps that file is more concentrated? Don't know, but I would try it again using tsp for Tb and see if we enjoy it more. Thanks!

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Dr. Jenny March 06, 2010

This was our first Gumbo experience also. I loved it but my poor husband can only handle hot spicy food. Black peppers about his limit and nothing beyond. I used Hillshire Farm's Hot Links Smoked Sausage with Chile Peppers so I did not add the hot pepper sauce. I did not have any Cajun seasoning so I made my own using spices from Penzey and Cajun Seasoning Mix recipe from Mirj. The Gumbo file was fun to stir in. As it thicken, it also turned the Gumbo a greenish color. I'd like to make this again for some friends that enjoy the heat as much as I do. Made during * Zaar World Tour 5* 2009 game for team *Genies of Gourmet*

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Charlotte J June 08, 2009

I've never had gumbo before, always wanted to, now intend to have more! This is good stuff! We used prawns and a ring of smoked sausage, and served it with black-eyed peas and white rice. The texture and color of the file-thickened sauce took us by surprise; some liked it, one didn't. Pretty much we'd never had anything like this, so aside from being delicious, the adventure was worth the effort. Made for Zaar World Tour 5.

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Lavender Lynn June 03, 2009

My boyfriend took one bite of this and said, "Wow! This is the best gumbo I'd ever had!" I did have some Cajun seasoning and gumbo filé from Penzeys. I served with this a homemade French baguette. Made for ZWT5: French/Cajun/Creole.

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Scarlett516 May 31, 2009
Filé Gumbo