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I am rating this 5 stars based on the second time I made this. Both times I used the ingredients as listed however the first time I cooked it for an hour but I use a wide saute pan which must evaporate at a higher rate because it cooled as hard as a rock - could hardly get a spoon into it. The second time I used a candy thermometer and took it off the heat when it hit gel point at 221 degrees (after 25 minutes) and it is a perfect consistency. Also, I didn't like the waste of peeling the figs so the second time I just removed the stems and sliced the figs and just before adding the walnuts I used an immersion blender and amazingly it just pulverized and incorporated the skins into a beautiful coloured jam but amazingly left the fig seeds whole. A very lovely looking and tasting jam. Thanks PaulaG!

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Ronalynne August 23, 2009

Great recipe. So easy to make and the jam was delicious (even though I forgot to add the nuts). I poured some over a block of neufchatel cheese, sprinkled with walnuts and served with sesame crackers. It was a huge hit.

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2FrenchCats September 07, 2010

Exquisite! My figs were perfectly ripe (Celeste variety), and since I misread the recipe, I just did a nice small dice, without peeling. The jam is the perfect consistency, and the walnuts are a wonderful addition. Five stars all around!

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lanesbaby August 09, 2016

This jam looks great but I have one question to clarify for this recipe. Is it made with fresh figs or dried??

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SweetBakeryLady September 04, 2015

Had the same results Ronalynne mentioned of rock hard jam the first time around, and tasting mostly of honey overpowering the fig. I think even on low my wide pan just evaporated too quickly. Going to try in a smaller saucepan and using a candy thermometer. Giving it 4 stars because it still tastes great on toast with goat cheese!

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Diana J. August 31, 2015

I would eat this jam on cardboard. Seriously. I did as an earlier reviewer did and left the skins on and used an immersion blender prior to adding the walnuts. The texture was perfect at the one hour mark. My one complaint about the recipe is that the measurement for the figs is given in cups. I'm not sure if the author meant for the cook to measure them before or after chopping, but either way, the size and firmness of the figs as well as the coarseness of the chop could result in wildly different amounts. My figs were a bit over 3 cups pre-chop and a bit under post-chop. I ended up with barely 3 half-pints of jam. Which means I'll be back at the farm stand tomorrow for more figs and honey. I intend to give this as holiday gifts this year along with some good local cheese. It's that special.

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juliebell55 August 12, 2015

I followed this recipe exactly. Jam turned out just wonderful. The walnuts are a supurb addition. So glad I found this recipe. Thanks PaulaG!

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Kfour5 July 30, 2015

Literally just signed up for a Food.com account to rate this recipe (and I've been using Food.com for over a year for recipes). This is THE BEST jam!!! Make it (it's so easy), don't change a thing and enjoy on everything (I even eat it straight off a spoon for a quick snack)! Thanks so much to PaulaG for sharing her wonderful recipe for us fig lovers. :)

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Tastybrunch August 28, 2013

Love it! Figs, honey and walnuts. I did not peel the figs and left everything in bigger chunks. Will have it dolloped on greek yogurt and along with cheese board.

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rosslare September 08, 2012

This was my first time making jam, and it was so easy. It really tastes great, another friend made fig jam with sugar instead and it wasn't as good as this one. I was worried about the walnuts, but the blended into the jam that no one would even know there were there and they added a nice flavor. Tasty thanks,

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heatherlkwatson September 30, 2011
Fig Jam