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These are absolutely delicious! I made them with a gluten-free flour mix. I also used frozen figs that we picked last year off of our tree so I omitted the water since they did not need to be rehydrated. My five year old son said he LOVES them... now that's saying something! Thank you Elly for this wonderful recipe! We'll be making these A LOT!

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Homeschoolmama April 24, 2008

Excellent! I do confess, thought, that I didn't actually make the fig part. I had a jar of Trader Joe's Fig Butter that needed to be used up, had no idea how to use it, so I went looking for recipes and found this. I thought the fig mixture looked pretty similar to what I had. Can't tell how much it may have differed, but the ingredients looked pretty much the same. Anyways, I now have a reason to keep figs on hand. This was delicious! And so different from the norm where desserts are concerned. It was awfully sweet--perhaps that was the fig butter I used, but my impression was that a majority of the sweetness came from the crust. The cream cheese topping is just a thin layer on the top. I'm tempted to try doubling it because I really like that kind of thing.

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Wigglesworth December 20, 2012

I made these to take to work and they got rave reviews. The only change I would make is to increase the amount of both the fig layer and the cheese layer as they are both divine!

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Irmgard July 19, 2011
Fig and Cream Cheese Bars