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So very flavourful!!! I wanted to use up fresh figs so thought I'd give them a try in this recipe. They (5) worked out quite nicely. I brushed the flattened tenderloin with apple jelly, sprinkled it with chopped figs, crumbled blue cheese, a bit of garlic powder and pepper before rolling up. Once rolled, I sprinkled the tenderloin with chopped fresh thyme and rosemary and added a drizzle of olive oil. It only took 30 minutes at 400 to cook my tenderloin (rested it for 10 more). At the 25 minute point I brushed it with apple jelly. This is such an easy recipe and yet so very tasty!!

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Lambkyns February 15, 2011

This was aMAzing. Only one small change and that was to use real maple syrup since I had no apple jelly, and like previous reviewers I brushed it on to the butterflied pork instead of basting the top. It was an incredible combination of tangy, sweet, peppery and smooth. Thanks for sharing!

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ajm's mom June 03, 2012

I found this recipe in Cooking Light also, but promptly misplaced that issue! Lo and behold, I'm checking Recipezaar's new recipes and here it is! My girlfriend recently introduced me to figs and I am now addicted to them! Tough to find fresh ones, but dried are good too. When I saw this recipe, I knew I had to try it. This was a very easy dish to make. I stuffed it per directions, but used skewers to hold it shut instead of twine, which I didn't have. I just stabbed the meat right through to hold them rolled. Put a sprig of rosemary, thyme, and dill on top with a little olive oil on top while they baked. They cooked up superb. I waited 25 mintues before the apple jelly, and then let them cook a few minutes longer just to be safe. The blue cheese and fig tasted great with the pork. A side of asparagus and a dessert of roasted apples with fig and hazelnut stuffing was a tasty, simple meal to make. This is a great meal for fall, winter, and early spring! Taste and presentation make it look like it took more time and money to produce than it did. Yummers.

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Montesol March 22, 2007

I made this several times when it was first published in Cooking Light, then we moved and I lost the issue and forgot all about it. I was just looking thru the figs recipes and came across this. Thank you! Too bad I already purchased fish for tonights dinner, or I would be making this right now. You can bet that we'll be having this tomorrow though. To those of you who haven't tried this yet- give it a go. It's excellent!!!!!

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jerseygirl1952 June 01, 2011

Cookin',made this recently,and enjoyed it. from some of the other reviewers I did leave out the apple jelly brush,and instead used an all purpose finishing sauce,(mustatd,wine vinegar,oil and herbs) this also worked well...This will be tabbed in my books for a repeat.....Don

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Don Steele January 24, 2011

I made this for a Holiday meal and it was wonderful. The figs are a nice holiday touch and the blue cheese adds some zip. Next time I will put the apple jelly inside the tenderloin as it just dripped off the roll and burnt onto the pan.

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Spencer #2 December 27, 2009

My husband said "what do you mean there isn't any more." I think that about sums it up. Excellent!!!!!

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LauraBlueEyes June 28, 2009

I made this for friends and everyone loved it! I baked it at 400 for 40-45 minutes until it reached an internal temp of 160. I will be making this dish again! I also did not use the apple jelly. Instead I made a red wine reduction with the remaining figs, chicken stock, rosemary and a tablespoon of butter. The porkloin was great alone or with the sauce.

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sunkist100 February 08, 2009

Outstanding! This was so simple to make up (perfect for the novice cook) and the taste....well my mouth is still drooling! I made up 2 pork tenderloins as my daughter was home for supper. I must have really impressed her as she took the leftovers to work and didn't even leave me one bite!!!! My guests kept raving on how good the pork tasted!!!! The one thing that is wonderful about this tenderloin is that it is so flexable....you can change ingredients around and still get a perfect product. Next time, I might use Gorgonzola cheese for a different taste and experiment with different jellies. For quick clean up, I sprayed a cooking tray with Pam then placed parchment paper down on top of the tray (the Pam acted like "glue" to hold the paper down.) When I cut open the tenderloin, I made a number of cuts down the length of the meat to open it even more, then pounded it with a meat mallet I found that the meat wrapped around the filling just a bit easier. I would highly recommend this recipe to anyone who wants to "wow" their guests at their next gathering

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Abby Girl May 22, 2007
Fig and Blue Cheese Stuffed Pork Tenderloin