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My name is Poppins and I am a female Brittany. I finally convinced my humanoid to post a response from me. This is delish. In fact, I enjoyed it so much it makes me want to go out and hunt down that little runt from the Taco Bell commercials and slap him up one side of his head and then the other.

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Luby Luby Luby May 24, 2003

As an animal nutritionist I would not recommend giving this recipe to your dogs. Salsa has a lot of onions and onions are posionous to dogs, the beans can cause issues with their bowels and cause gastric distress, not to mention the spices in chili powder and the massive amounts of salt in bouillon. Kudos for wanting to cook for your pet but please look for healthier recipes.

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BOWOW June 21, 2010
Fifi's Fabulous Mexican Meals for Mutts (or purebreds)