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These were delicious! I did season the meat mixture well and used half green onion to the regular onion. I also bumped the cream cheese up to 4 oz. I decided to bake these to cut calories as well as used ground turkey and low fat cheeses. I didn't brush them with egg, I just sprayed them liberally with canola spray and baked in the oven at 450 for about 10-12 minutes turning over half way thru to crisp each side. We ate these with more green onions, salsa, and sour cream. A great finger food! Thanks for the recipe!

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*pink* June 11, 2012

I think the overall concept is a good idea. The filling ingredients seem to compliment each other. However when I made these I was hesitant because the meat was not pre-cooked. I decided to bake half in the oven and fry the other half in my deep fat fryer. The batch that was fried, the ground beef did not cook through. I tried turning the temp down a bit to give it more time, but the wrappers still browned before the meat could cook through. I gave up after doing about 10 this way. I then waited for my batch to come out of the oven and the filling was over cooked and dry and the wrapper was tough and chewy in texture. Frustrating. If I was to do this again- I would precook the meat and deep fat fry it and then I am sure it would be perfect. I tried this recipe for PAC fall 09'.

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Ridgely September 12, 2009

These are a tasty little treat! I didn't think the meat would cook in such a little time but it sure did...they were moist and wonderful when dipped in salsa...I deep fried them but next time I will try to bake them to save me some guilt! Thanks for sharing!

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Zaprudrr January 31, 2009

This is a recipe that DH's love. Mine was stealing them off my plate. :( He just could not get enough of them. I baked mine just because I didn't want to deal with the mess that the oil created. I made these tasty wontons just as posted and there just plain was not any left over. DH kept eating them. Thanks for posting,

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teresas December 30, 2008

WOW!! My husband hardly ever gives a 5 star rating...this one he says is 5 1/2! These were so tasty. Every single thing about them were perfect. I baked them, but would like to try them fried sometime as well. We dipped them in salsa, luckily I had just boughten some fresh homemade salsa at a farmers market. It was perfect with these. (much better than jarred salsa!) This is something I will be making a lot!! Thanks so much for posting :)

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Shelby Jo August 23, 2008
Fiesta Wontons