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This was a wonderful refreshing salad we enjoyed for dinner tonight. The only change I made was to use fresh lemon juice instead of vinegar and I used 3 fresh tomatoes(large) instead of stewed ones. I didn't use any garlic in this. This recipe is a keeper!! Thanks again!

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Charishma_Ramchandani February 23, 2004

I will refrain from a star rating, because I changed the recipe. I really like the idea here, but I tried to make it without cilantro, because we don't care for it. And the result was a bland dish. I will try again with more varied seasonings. Serve with quinoa w/taco seasoning on the side to add protein.

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J-Lynn June 25, 2014

Loved it. Modified like others suggested, with red wine vinegar, lemon juice and I let it sit in the frig for an hour. I snuck in one finely chopped jalapeno and added Tajin Chili/lime seasoning. Will make often, for sure.

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WannaBfoodtvstarathome March 06, 2013

Easy to make, tasty, fresh, crunchy, a great side dish for something creamy. Definitely recommend you make it and let it sit for at least 30 minutes to let all the flavors combine. I did and it made a difference.

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luiology101 August 29, 2012

Great recipe, I changed it a little because I had an extra little while. I used my bbq grill and cooked fresh corn on the cob and the bell peppers until they were slightly blackened. I then rapidly cooled them on ice and cut the corn off the cob and cut the peppers up.

I used four cobs of corn (roasted on bbq), two cucumbers, two fresh tomatoes (seeded and cut), 1 bunch cilantro (diced), 1 and a half teaspoons crushed cumin, one green and two red bell peppers (roasted on the BBQ and diced) two Tablespoons vinegar, one and a half tablespoons of crushed fresh garlic (next time I will try to roast a few cloves instead of buying a jar of crushed garlic) and one teaspoon red pepper flakes (you may want to cut that to 3/4).

serve with some meat BBQed, something sweet like corn bread and butter with a watermelon as desert. We had four adults, three teen agers and three kids. It was a huge hit and there were leftovers that everyone wanted to save.

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levezu May 23, 2011

We really liked this salad. It was super easy to make and really quick to put together. I didn't have any white wine vinegar so I substituted red wine vinegar. Also I used a can of petite diced tomatoes instead of stewed. Could have used a bit more cumin for my taste, but otherwise this was perfect. I can see this being a summer staple in our house. Thanks!

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loricrenshaw January 27, 2011

This is great! I was looking for a way to use a cucumber since I don't normally care for them, and this was a great recipe find. I made it pretty quickly before school this morning and have already had several servings of it. I did estimate the spices, but whatever I did worked. Thanks for sharing!

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South Carolina Girl September 29, 2010

Just made this pretty salad for guests who will be here in a little while. I can't wait to eat a bowl full. I made a small addition.. will let you know if it enhanced the salad or not in a couple of hours. Thanks for sharing. Later: Edsgirl, it was a hit. Thanks so much! Since I didn't have stewed tomatoes, I just used the ripe tomatoes I had. I decided to add some chopped pears and chopped mango. Since my quantities were larger, I added some lemon juice too along with the balsamic vinegar (instead of white wine vinegar) plus 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Followed every thing else as per your recipe. I am certain I will make it again as it is easy and full of zing!

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Cathy-O September 25, 2009

This is fantastic!! I made it for Cinco de Mayo. It's great on it's own, or on top of greens. I threw it on top of some chili. I bet it would be fabu with a burger! I also used fresh tomatoes, lime juice in addition to the vinegar and I used Trader Joes fire roasted corn which added a nice smoky sweet aspect to the flavor. A definite keeper!!

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Ladybug2804 May 05, 2009

Tried this with dinner tonight and everyone loved it! This is definately a recipe that I will make again! It was a great way to use my garden cucumbers. Thank you for posting the great recipe!

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aleahing July 31, 2008
Fiesta Cucumber-Corn Salad