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I got a lot of seitan on sale and stocked the freezer. Unfortunately, no one in the family seems to like it. It got picked out of every recipe I tried it in, until I tried this one. No one seemed to mind it in this. I was so glad to see empty plates after dinner! Not sure how many sundried tomatoes I used. They were already cut up, so I just guessed. For the fettuccini I used some fresh spinach fettuccini that I got at the farmers market. Topped it off with fresh grated parm. This time of year I am always thinking of ways to use fresh veggies. I may try some summer squash or zucchini thrown in next time. Mushrooms would be good too. I'll let you know what we try and how we like it.

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whtbxrmom August 05, 2013

This was great! I didn't have any sun-dried tomatoes, so I used 2T of sun-dried tomato paste instead. I used a 6.5oz jar of artichokes, and since they're drenched in oil, I cut back on the oil by 50%. I then used only 1T of basil, 1/2t of thyme(I'm not a fan), and only 1/4t of pepper because of the kids, and it was still quite spicy. Next time, I will definately saute the garlic longer, until soft. This is delicious, thank you so much!

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TattooedMamaof2 May 17, 2010

Delicious. I didn't have sun-dried tomatoes, but used whole fresh cherry tomatoes for a similar taste. I also used minimal oil. Thank you so much for this lovely dish!

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yogiclarebear September 12, 2009

This dish was fantastic! Light but filling and flavorful. I made a huge batch of seitan (using Isa Chandra Moskowitz's recipe from"Vegan With Avengance") and have been eating it for the past four days. I thought I'd be sick of it (as I'm a new vegetarian), but there are so many ways to cook it! We had this recipe and were blown away by it. I was skeptical at the combination of basil, thyme and sundried tomatoes - with seitan?! - but it was amazing. Thanks VeganKitten!!

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mandysheffield January 05, 2009
Fettuccini With Artichoke, Seitan, and Sun-Dried Tomato