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The taste of this dish really is amazing. I added an extra clove of garlic, but wouldn't next time because this stuff is powerfully garlicky and doesn't need more! I made some modifications: was a bit short on cream cheese, so made up the difference with more sour cream. I pureed it in the blender and my blender did a crappy job, so I added the sour cream right into the blender to add some moisture. I had some of mirj's oven dried tomatoes on hand so I tossed a few of those in with a drizzle of olive oil (they were stored in the oil). Pureed the whole mess up and added to the butter in the pan. My mixture was *quite* thick, so I had to dilute with some milk (reached for the cream first and decided to behave) and next time I think I would try to make it even thinner because it is quite thick and very powerful, so diluting it a touch certainly wouldn't hurt the flavour any. Served over pasta, chicken and sauteed mushrooms and zucchini for a one-dish meal. DH and I practically inhaled the leftovers today. Again, texture not the best after being reheated, but all that great taste. The only thing I would experiment with next time is thinning the sauce out because it was a touch thick for my liking, but that could have been something I did in the making. And don't overdo the garlic, 'cause this dish is potent! (In a good way:).

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Len23 March 13, 2005
Fettuccine with Tomato Cream Sauce