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This was a big hit! I made a few changes, to make it a little quicker to get together. First of all, I used 12 ounces of pasta. I was feeding 5 people and didn't think 8 ounces would do it. I was glad I did as it all got eaten. Finally, after cooking the shrimp, peppers (I didn't have any fresh peppers so used about 3/4 c roasted red peppers in a jar) and pine nuts, I added the pasta to the skillet, then the wine and shallot mixture. Next time, I'd put the pasta in a bowl, then add the prawn mixture then the wine mixture as in the recipe. It would work better than my method because when I mixed the pasta in the skillet, all the good stuff sunk to the bottom and it was hard to get all the ingredients in one scoop. That's what I get for being lazy. Still, the meal was delicous. Thanks for an awesome recipe!

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Julie F April 14, 2009
Fettuccine With Prawns, Red Pepper and Pine Nuts