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The most important thing about this is to keep it simple and not to burn the butter! This is great served w/ garlic bread and a simple salad!

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  1. Melt 1/3 of your butter in a medium to large saucepan with 1 tsp or minced clove of garlic and a little bit of italian seasoning. Add meat. When fully cooked set aside in another container.
  2. Set a large pot of water to high and add salt. (getting ready for your pasta).
  3. Add the rest of your butter to the same saucepan you cooked your meat inches Also, add the rest of the garlic and cook until your garlic is roasted but do not burn the butter! If the butter is bubbling just remove from heat.
  4. Add pasta to boiling water. Cook until Al Dente. (almost all the way cooked).
  5. Add your heavy whipping cream and a bit more seasoning to the saucepan. Constantly stir until the mixture comes to a rolling boil. When reaching the rolling boil turn of heat to the saucepan and add the entire container of parmesan cheese. Use your utencil to make sure that all of the cheese is broken up and stir all together!
  6. Once noodles are cooked, drain. Add meat to your saucepan and stir into your noodles.
  7. Let cool for a couple of minutes stirring the contents together and as the mixture cools your sauce will thicken!

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