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This is nice. I used unsalted organic canned chickpeas which I simmered until softer in water with some sea salt. I mixed in the garlic and cumin after heating. I sprinkled toasted pakistani pine nuts in organic unsalted butter on top along with a drizzling of organic cold pressed olive oil. I do agree with Jamilah that this was looking for some freshly chopped parsley which I added (chopped organic flat leaf) and it made it even better. I toasted regular store bought pita bread halves on a pan in a preheated 450F oven, watching them carefully. Not a dish that can be made ahead of time though components can be prepared and assembled later. i used organic unhomoginised yogurt which I stirred until smooth and left until room temperate ahead of time rather than heating which worked well. I may make this again. Originally made for Ramadan Tag 2010

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UmmBinat July 20, 2013

Very yummy I used canned chickpeas to make this easy and just cooked them down softer in water then when the rest of my food was done I put in the spice and salt and sautéed a bit then put in the yogurt to warm it. Drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice. I didn't have nuts this time but will definitely use next time. I would also enjoy this with different toppings maybe some parsley or mint next time and some cayenne on top. We ate this with corn chips for a gfree option. Thanks Pali Favs. Made for Ramadan Tag 2010

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Jamilahs_Kitchen August 20, 2010