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Great recipe - I used it as a dip and it went over very well - served with corn tortilla chips.. I whipped the cottage cheese, feta and the herbs. Used a local Feta cheese "Gorts" excellent cheese. As suggested I added 1 sundried tomatoe, did not decrease fresh tomatoes (I used Roma tomatoes) and whipped the sundried separately and mixed in with the tomatoe etc. Thanks Petsrus for a great recipe

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Bergy December 14, 2002

This is great dip! It was very easy to prepare and is very flavorful. I am not sure this is for all tastes, but I personally loved it! I plan to serve this next time inside a loaf of hollowed out bread with pita chips and garnished with flat leaf parsley leaves & perhaps even some cilantro. I used good quality feta marked "mild" and used fresh tomatoes, ordinary canned black olives. I took a small lemon half and lightly squeezed it over the finished dip. Where I currently live,I was unable to get cottage cheese, so I used German Quark (which is also a curd cheese)and thought it tasted great in this dip.

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HeatherFeather December 14, 2002

this was so tasty! i love all the ingredients so combined it was just wonderful, i dipped cucumbers into it and sesame pitas. i used fresh feta in brine, and halved the recipe for 2. i used kalamata olives and fresh tomatoes

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chia December 10, 2002

Well, let me start by saying I didn't follow the directions. I bought a very salty feta, which was vacuum packed in brine. It made a recipe that was way too salty. So I added more tomatoes, more cottage cheese and more lemon juice to help with the saltiness. While the final product was probably different than the recipe is supposed to be, it was a really nice and flavorful dip. We used celery sticks and crackers to dip with. I'll make it again, but next time, I'll pay attention to the saltiness of the feta.

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PanNan December 12, 2002

How lucky for me to find this recipe. All my favorite ingredients!!! I used sundried tomatoes , canned black olives, parsley and sweet paprika and it was wonderful. Next time, I'll try it with green olives just for a little variation. I served this with Melba Toasts. Thanks again PetsRus for yet ANOTHER wonderful recipe.

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Merlot February 19, 2003

Very tasty recipe. You could even call it Greek Salad dip cause, except for the cottage cheese, it has all the same ingredients I put in my 'favorite' Greek Salad. Perfect proportions of ingredients, only I made the mistake of adding an extra garlic (as I always do) & I found it abit too much so next time I'll stick to the recipe. I used 2 vs 3 Tbsp olive oil & didn't bother 'skinning' my tomatoes. I added 1/4 c cream cheese & sprinkled top with chopped red peppers. Took this to a party & it was very well received, thanks for sharing.

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Mustang Sally 54269 May 01, 2011

This is a great dip! The only thing for me was that I found my feta a bit grainy...so that is a matter of trying other forms of it. Thanks for sharing.

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Chef Pollo October 13, 2010

My food processor broke a few months ago and I have yet to replace it, so I just mixed the cheeses & spices with a fork, mashing them as much as possible. I was an ounce shy on feta (and was using a fairly strong goat's milk feta) so used an extra ounce of cottage cheese. I had some cherry tomatoes to use so in place of the two tomatoes I used 6 of those (seeded but not skinned). Otherwise followed the recipe, using parsley, black olives, sweet paprika, and about 1 1/2 tsp lemon juice. This is very good with crackers and I also think it would be great as a filling in baked turnovers (which I'm going to try with refrigerated biscuits as the dough). Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe! Update: Just wanted to add that I took this along to my parent's for Mothers Day and my family nearly devoured it before dinner was ready! They all loved it. Thanks again! :)

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flower7 May 10, 2010

Served this delicious dip with some whole wheat crackers and it was just what I was craving! We all loved it and will make it many times.

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cindymcleod62 February 23, 2009

This has a very good balance of flavors. I used sundried tomatoes and black olives to prepare this. I discovered that I didn't have any cottage cheese on hand and therefore subbed some cream cheese. My hubby didn't eat it with toated pitas and fressh veggies. But the next day, I spread some on whole wheat flour tortillas, added roasted pepper strips and sliced into pinwheels. He loved those.

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Ms B. January 12, 2004
Feta, Olive and Tomato Dip