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I was SO busy adding bay leaves (for the Herb of the month in the French forum, yes, it is BAY!) to this recipe that I forgot the thyme!! LOL! I did not miss it when I ate this, but the excess feta cheese that I put in the fridge DID have a sprig of thyme added! Phew!! Absolutely delicious and devoured with olives and a slice of fresh toast for supper last night! I used ALL of the ingredients and I cannot wait to have the rest today or tomorrow! Merci Andi, made for BAY, as you will all know by now, the herb of the month in the French forum! FT:-)

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French Tart February 04, 2010

Yum! I've just tried it after three days of marinating and already the flavors have blended beautifully. The olive oil plays a big part in the flavor so I think it's worth using a really good quality one.

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Peter J February 11, 2013

Absolutely lovely! Simple to make, as well - this would be a perfect gift for a foodie. I can't wait until this has marinated long enough for us to try it on toast with ripe tomatoes. The only change I made was to use an organic extra virgin olive oil with herbs. Thanks so much for the recipe, Andi! And thanks breezermom for putting it in your Best of 2010 recipe book so I could tag it!

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Katzen February 21, 2011

Very nice! I don't currently have a food processor (it broke recently) or a mortar & pestle so I put the dry spices in my spice grinder and just chopped the garlic & capers with a knife. I found that once this was in the fridge, the oil turned completely solid - don't know if it's the nature of oil or just my fridge temp (it is an old fridge and runs very cold). When I wanted to try some (after waiting impatiently for the full two weeks!) I had to scoop some out into a dish and microwave briefly to re-liquefy the oil, which also warmed & softened up the cheese a bit - but that was kinda nice, actually! :) I mixed in a few halved grape tomatoes and ate with slices of whole wheat baguette (toasted). Thanks for sharing this recipe Andi!

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flower7 February 19, 2010

Wonderful, just wonderful Andi. I actually let it sit for one week, what restraint. Sooo good. I smashed everything with my motar & pestle. My mixture resembled a thick, tasty paste. The flavor is out of this world, just perfect with light toast and sweet grape tomatoes, this made a wonderful lunch today. I plan on having the rest tomorrow in a lovely green salad with sweet onions and cherry tomatoes. Kudos on a great recipe that i plan on sharing with my friends. :)

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Baby Kato February 09, 2010

Posted a photo a while back before the marinating started, but now I'm back to give an amazing "WOW" review to this fabulous feta cheese recipe. The flavors just permeate the feta....I really thought I might be eating a peppercorn...prepared to break a tooth....but no, the feta just absorbed the flavor! This is absolutely delicious! Scrumptious! I thought I had my dinner planned for tomorrow, but now I'm going to have fresh pita bread with this wonderful marinated feta, with a few kalamata olives thrown in....thanks so much for sharing this wonderful recipe.

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breezermom January 11, 2010

Made a double batch of these. One will be as a gift for anyone who might drop by over the holidays or if I visit somewhere. They are both sitting in the fridge aging. They smelled so wonderful when I was making them. I did steal one to sample and it sure tasted really good. I used a mortar and pestle to crush the spices. Can't wait till they are fully ready. They keep looking at me when I open the fridge. Thanks for sharing Andi. Made as a thank you for your great hosting for Holiday Tag '09

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FrenchBunny December 15, 2009

Okay, so I've been keeping this like a secret in a fridge in a storeroom!! This is great, Andi. The same type of thing, but not as flavourful, is sold in shops at a high price. I was generous with your flavour additives ... !! I didn't measure, just eyeballed!! Although I used maybe more of your spices and flavours, unfortunately I did not have bay leaves and used some thinly sliced lemon zest instead. It might show up on the photographs and some might wonder what it is! Thank you for a great, simple, delicious recipe!

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Zurie October 13, 2008

I have made this, but the taste test will only be next week! We are having friends for lunch, and this will be gracing the table. So easy to put-together, I was generous with the marinating ingredients! Now its 'hidden' in the fridge.... Really looking forward to tasting what I can see is going to be a regular..... DH has been Forbidden to taste in advance! I'll be back.......

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Karen Elizabeth October 13, 2008

Superb feta recipe that beats paying a fortune for this at the supermarket. Made exactly as written and done as a video for Zaar World Tour. Thanks Andi for a keeper.

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Leggy Peggy July 11, 2008
Feta (Marinated)