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Absolutely delicious, Jan! My only change was to use fresh dill and dried mint, as I had the fresh dill, but couldn't get fresh mint! I had one hot earlier, and just tried another one cold. They were delicious both ways! I'm taking some of the leftovers for my lunch tomorrow! Thanks for sharing! [Made for Aus/NZ Recipe Swap]

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Sara 76 July 17, 2011

Fantastic! I was a little skeptical about the mint, but I added it as directed and was very happy that I did. Will frequently impress guests with this one!

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Wish I Could Cook August 31, 2010

Kudos to you for this exceptional recipe! I regularly make something very close to this, but decided to try your version and loved it. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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Pesto lover June 20, 2010

These rolls were ok except I cooked the onion and wilted the spinach first. I also found that the oven should be 220 degrees, not 200. And then they were great!!!

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Anonymous April 29, 2015

Excellent taste! I'm greek and found this recipe combination to be superb. I prefer puff pastry over filo pastry for this type of dish. Not only is it easier to work with but I find it gives a better texture with a savouy pie like this. Were we live the puff pastry comes in a block partially divided in two and need to be rolled out. I rolled the 2 section out to a 1/4 thickness and spooned the mixture onto the edge of the rectangle. Rather then making it round I spread out the mixture from the edge of the pastry by about 2 inches and about 3/4 of an inch high. It's a bit akward to roll like this but if you use parchment paper when rolling out the pastry you can use the paper to help lift and roll.

I used italian mixuture fine bread crumbs and reduced it to 2/3 cup. I grated the onion and found this to have a better texture and no worries of any uncooked pieces. I also used a beaten egg wash for the top of the roll before putting in the oven. Otherwise I did exactly as the recipe called for and found it was very flavourfull.

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aliapis February 15, 2013

Yet another truely wonderful recipe I made this tonight along with your Meatballs With Eggplant and Feta and all got an awesome review. I had several people who love spinach and feta rolls say this comes up there with some of the best they have ever tried. I have to agree the filling was delicious and I loved the addition of pine nuts and mint. Having never made spinach and feta rolls before I do not know whether this is the norm but I loved the taste it brought, that and I love pine nuts, so did my guests.. Yet another one I was hoping to have leftovers with and I was only left with 4 rolls. I had been greedy and kept some back to ensure this but then I looked over and they were all gone, so I had to get more from my secret stash. :( Super recipe Jan thanks for sharing

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The Flying Chef June 13, 2010

*Reviewed for Australian Forum Recipe Tag Game* Sensational filling! Loved it! I recently bought some very expensive frozen gluten-free puff pastry and so happy to find this recipe to try it out on. Well....the pastry was OK for gluten-free ....but the filling was totally delicious. Thankyou Jan. A definite make again recipe for us. Photo also being posted :) Editting to add...I have no idea why but the feta cheese from the deli in the supermarket was far, far cheaper than the packaged cheeses in the fridges

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**Jubes** November 01, 2009
Feta and Spinach Rolls