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(March 18, 2013): I did not make a ball from this... I made a log instead. I was able to prepare the recipe somewhat as written, but I chose to roll the mixture into an approx 2" diameter x 6" long tube (using wax/plastic wrap). I refrigerated the cheese roll for about 1 hour. While it was firming up, I crushed and re-hydrated some dried cranberries in a bit of warm water, strained and laid them on a plate. I removed the cheese log from the fridge and rolled it into the chopped up cranberries. (Sorry, I didn't have sunflower seeds or parsley on hand when I was making this... but I'm sure that would have been delicious also, and I plan to try it that way soon). Chilled again to get the coating to stick. I sliced the log into approx 3" sections and placed on separate plates with another cheese, sausage, olives, crackers and a grainy mustard. Thank you for posting this recipe. I was a hit at our get-together. (Made it just for the heck of it, and also made for PAC - Spring 2013). UPDATE: I failed to mention prior... I would recommend at least doubling this recipe for a crowd.

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rosie316 March 24, 2013

This first time making your cheese ball, I shared it at a small potluck we attended ~ Sort of as a test run, since I was interested in including it another time on one of my finger food buffets! I'm not a big fan of blue cheese but with all the other ingredients in this ball, that turned out to be no problem at all! Definitely a great tasting addition to my appetizer list! Thanks for sharing the recipe! [Made & reviewed in Make My Recipe tag]

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Sydney Mike March 30, 2011

I made this for a party and it was very well received! It was so good, and the three cheeses complimented each other! Since I am a cheese fanatic, I have very little to complain about this recipe. And I do the ingredients don't overwhelm each other, though I was apprehensive about the cumin and worcestishire sauce. But because the blue cheese already comes strong, the other two ingredients didn't overpower that taste.

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Studentchef December 18, 2010

I used these cheese balls for a working-dinner with friends combined with other small finger food. We enjoyed these nice looking cheese balls very much, but for my taste the cumin flavor was too accentuated. One solution could be to add some more species to round the flavor or perhaps to substitute normal cumin with Caraway (Persian cumin), which fits with cheese very well.
I will do these cheese balls again, but next time trying different spices combinations as well as different toppings.

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awalde December 18, 2010
Festive Cheese Ball