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This is the best recipe I have tried in a very long time. It suggests that it is good frozen, I admit that I have never frozen food that I have cooked, so I tried it and it tastes better after being frozen. Knowing my family's tastes, I add two bell peppers and two fresh jalepenos. I also rinse the tomatoes to reduce the sodium and use a natural, preservative free broth to make it healthier, but the recipe is already plenty healthy. I wish more recipes were as consistent as this one.

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k.west February 23, 2008

I followed this recipe almost as close as I could. I didn't soak my beans overnight, never do. Used Rotel tomatos (yum), substituted jalapeno (had no green pepper) and chicken broth (had no vegatable). Also didn't have any cajun seasoning so I added hot paprika, salt, pepper & cumin. Cooked on high for about three/four hours, added some water and turned to low for another five/six hours. I also used the immersion blender on about half of it. Very, very tasty. This is a VERY easy soup to put together with things that I usually have in my cabinet. Served with sour cream and grated cheese. This and some Mexican cornbread make a soul satisfying meal.

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ala-kat February 09, 2009

Be prepared for this recipie to take the full ten hours to cook. That said I did find the final product rather bland. Next time I think I will add more spices and maybe hotter peppers to give it more flavor. Bacon would be good to, but then it wouldn't be low cholesterol!

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tellofamily January 01, 2015

I found this to be lacking in flavor. Maybe we are just flavor junkies, (we pile on garlic and Tabasco) but this recipe was just to bland as is.

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BarefootandpregnantintheKitchen December 02, 2009

Although this is filling my beans were definitely not soft -- even though I soaked them overnight and cooked in the crockpot for 8 hours -- oh but when I re-read the recipe I was supposed to cook them on high for 8 hours -- so this is probably what happened. I'll try again cooking on high and if I have better luck will revise my review.

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ellie_ September 10, 2009

Superb soup...rich and flavorful...I used what was on hand 'cause it was close enough and sometimes a crock pot recipe should not require shopping at all- right {{:) ???}...used 2 8ounce cans of tomato sauce with chili...threw in extra peppers (sweet and hot), extra garlic...some carrot some dried chili peppers (dehydrated from last summer's garden} I like a play of sweet and heat- went all "Jackson Pollock" with my spices...couldn't even begin to list them- which is why I can never share recipes properly w/ peeps ...cinnamon and cocoa stick out :)...pureed half and returned to pot...served with cashew cream and pumpkin bread...delicious - Thank You Prose...Made for "I RED-OMMEND TAG"!!

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free-free February 26, 2009

5 Stars, this was so good it did not require a swig of sherry, it's a recipe that can be served to carnivores without complaints. The Rotel (Original) tomatoes with mild green chiles added welcome zing. Used my immersion blender to thicken the soup's texture. Made for Veg*n Swap.

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KateL August 09, 2008

This was a big hit with Dh even if I wasn't quite as enthusiastic. I thought it lacked some depth of flavor but Dh thought it was perfect as written. I'm rating it for my better half. I used Emeril's Creole Seasoning (aka Bayou Blast).

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sugarpea March 07, 2008

This is really good. I used chicken broth because it is what I had on hand, and I added some carrot, fresh jalepeno and a little cayenne pepper. YUM! ("Some Like It Hot" *wink*) Thanks, Prose, for the recipe! It was great, but the photos weren't. ~Made for PAC FALL 07

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Tia Mouse September 21, 2007
Festive Black Bean Soup in the Crock Pot