Femmes' Revenge Caribbean Curry Mix

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

A delicious blend which truly captures the flavors of the islands. It is great on fish, chicken and also on fruit. Mix in oil for a curry paste or use as a dry rub. If you want it hotter, use more cayenne. We like it a little heavy on the cinnamon and cloves.

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  1. Grind all whole spices and seeds and bay leaves to a powder.
  2. Combine all the ingredients and store in an airtight jar.
  3. Note: While you can use pre-ground spices, the flavor is really better if you grind whole cloves, nutmeg, etc.
Most Helpful

Made this today and used it to make curry chicken. My Jamaican American husband tasted it and took a sample straight to his mother, who lives with us, and she was thoroughly impressed. She said that it tasted as good, if not better than, our favorite Jamaican restaurant about 100 miles away. I guess we we won't have to travel so far for good curry. Thanks for an awesome recipe!

ProfessorKC November 18, 2015

Oh boy it sure is, I made this the other night using the other recipe as a guideline and the smells in my kitchen alnost made me faint. LOL. I love curry. The only thing I would change is I won't add the nilk at the end because it really changed the entire taste and texture of the sauce. as a thickening agent I will use some potatoes that were cooked alone ine the sauce. All in all an amazing combination. Tarra

Tarra1 April 27, 2007

I made this recipe during the last RSC to use as an ingredient for another dish...and I must have forgotten to review it. I have since added this spice to so many dishes. It is absolutely fabulous on home fries! This is a wonderful blend of spices, and I agree try to grind the spices from their whole state rather then using the ground spices..... I love this blend... you could market this recipe!

NcMysteryShopper June 18, 2006