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I'd seen this on KAF and came here to post and was lucky enough to find you'd already done it. I do hope you try it as it's one awesome, rich, chocolaty cake for all those chocoholics out there. I made it for my DGSs 12th b-day and what a hit. At first I had a major problem (it was something I did) made it and used the 8" pans with the high sides - but it didn't rise at all. I came out with this flat little pancakes with an awesome flavor. I must have forgotten to put something in but don't know what. At any rate, made a 2nd round and added Cake Mix Extender I which I use often in my cakes and came out with two great, towering cakes. I used all 4 of the layers (even the flat pancakes as they tasted good) and then followed the filling - with just vanilla extract added - and the frosting. Put the entire cake in the fridge to harden the frosting. It was wonderful, if very rich and everyone was so impressed. Not something I'd make a lot with all those calories, but a wonderful special occasion cake that DGS was so pleased with.<br/>As an update, still love this cake - make again for a chocolate loving nephew and this time frosted with a fudge frosting. Amazing

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Bonnie G #2 August 10, 2014

This is a wonderfully delicious cake! It was a big hit at the birthday party I took it to. And in my case, it's wonderfully delicious even without the espresso powder because I forgot to add it. It's best to see the recipe on the King Arthur site ([url=http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/favorite-fudge-birthday-cake-recipe]Favorite Fudge Birthday Cake[/url]) because the directions have more detail. I didn't have 8" pans, so I had to use 9" pans. I'm going to buy some 8" pans because the layers will be higher. They slice easily with a serrated knife. I added Framboise (raspberry flavor) to the filling but couldn't really taste it in the finished cake. Next time around, I may try a stronger flavor.

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Jessie MacMillan September 12, 2009
Favorite Fudge Birthday Cake