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Ever since we took a trip to visit Hawaii, my husband has missed all the delicious foods he tried out there for the first time. When I saw this recipe, I knew I had to try to make it for him (even if I'm such a beginner at cooking). I had to fudge a few bits, like not having bought chocolate chips, I settled for broken down hershey bar and nugget pieces. Because of my guesstimating how much of the chocolate to use instead of having the pre-measured chips, the chocolate side of the pie wasn't as firm as the rest, but apart from that, the recipe was incredibly delicious and just what my husband remembered his first time eating haupia. This is a very simple recipe made even easier since I was able to find a ready-made pie crust in the stores. Thanks for such a delicious dessert and I encourage anyone who likes a coconut flavor in their pie to definitely try this.

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Melody Kitn October 01, 2008

My DH and I have always loved Haupia. Putting a chocolate layer with it makes it extra special. DH doesn't like sweet desserts so its often a challenge to make a sweet dessert and have it taste right. As for myself, I'm always trying to cut calories and carbs, so I tweaked this recipe a bit. I used a graham cracker crust, I didn't add any sugar (at all) or the whole milk and I used grain sweetened chocolate chips. To top it off I added a light prepared whipped topping called Tru Whip. Whole Foods and Sunflower Markets sell this product. I then ground up some cacao nibs and sprinkled them on top. Excellent recipe and I shall definitely do this one again!!!

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Chef Joey Z. August 13, 2008
Favorite Chocolate Haupia Pie