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I've been using this for about a week. My couch smells good, but I wanted a little stronger smell, so I put in about 4 tablespoons of Downy in a 32 ounce spray bottle. My house smells fantastic and the cost is outstanding compared to Febreeze. I just used this on white pillowcases, and it didn't stain. And the price can't be beat! I'll be using this from now on instead of expensive Febreeze. Thanks, B!

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Denise! September 25, 2003

This is right on the money! Pun intended. Make sure to use a spray bottle with a mist setting or your furniture will take forever to dry. This is great! Thanks so much!

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twinsplusonemom September 29, 2003

I loved this! Not only does it work great, I feel so economical & "house-ly" knowing that I made it. Edited to say I used 4 tbs per Denise's suggestion.

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Jane*in*RI October 03, 2003

First off, I love Febreeze, but sure don't like the price. This is just as good and so much cheaper. I'm on my second bottle. I can't wait to try different scents of fabric softner. Thanks for an awesome recipe. Somebody said not to spray on microfiber furniture. Does anybody know why not? I did it before I read that, but can't see that it hurt the furniture any. Thanks. Just wanted to add - I vacuumed one cushion on my microfiber couch and it still left dog hair, so I sprayed another cushion with Faux Febreeze, let it dry a bit and vacuumed. Not a single dog hair remained and didn't hurt the couch at all. This is one awesome recipe.

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Connie Lea June 02, 2010

Do you know how much imported Febreeze costs in Israel? If you can get it at all? Wine is cheaper! I'm so pleased to have found this recipe. I'm overly-paranoid because we have a dog in the house, and I don't want my house to have that pet-smell. I used some locally-made laundry softener in orchid scent and spritzed the whole house. I'm going to invite all my friends over just to come and smell my house! Thanks Bethany!

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Mirj March 26, 2004

In the winter you can lightly spray this on your carpets and it reduces static. I also spray our fabric car seats so we don't get "shocked" getting out of the car.

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gikgik September 03, 2010

Hi I wanted to pop over and say that I have been using this for about two years now. I adjust the strength a little (4 oz) to use this as a de-wrinkler. I have used it for de-wrinkling clothes that I forget to take out of the dryer long long before they started marketing what you see in the stores now for the same purpose. I hardly use it for febreeze but it's great in the car for that purpose. My latest discoveries are this: It's a great softener for pesky hard to remove wallpaper. Use this stuff, a bit stronger than 4 oz BEFORE you go buy any expensive chemical..use the tiger blade thing that perforates the paper up, then mix this recipe with boiling water and spray on, then scrape with a stiff putty knife or other scraper. Works well on really old wallpaper! But, there's another great use...I used this to clean old grease film off of my upper cabinets and oven hood and vent screen. I just used a 4 oz strength, sprayed it on and used a double sided sponge scrubber to wipe it off. Also works well with magic eraser for soap scum in the bathroom. Also, softens stuck on burnt food or stove liners if you spray it on thickly and let sit overnight. It wont get burnt food right off, but it does soften it and makes it easier to remove! This stuff has pretty much replaced a lot of my old harsh chemicals and it smells so much nicer too! As an added bonus, my hands are softer after using this stuff. So, thank you so much...it's saved me a bundle. By the way, it has to be ultra downy. Snuggle or regular concentrates really don't do as well, for some reason. P.S. I send this to the military overseas and they really appreciate it because they are in smelly situations often. I have been able to send it travels well through the USPS, at least to the APO address I've been sending to.

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Caryn Dalton November 14, 2007

works great , smells great and CHEAP (like me) to make. I also make my own laundry detergent and fabric softner. Yes I also use a solar powered cloths dryer AKA outside clothsline.

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DennyNWIA August 08, 2010

Awesome! I haven't used it as Febreeze yet as I still have some in my bottle. I put 4 oz. in with the water and used it as de-wrinkler. I think it works better than the store bought stuff. I am sold on it already. I bought distilled water and tested it on a shirt that I didn't have to keep(in case it messed up the shirt). If you decide to try this, make sure you read through several o the reviews because you will get more suggestions and ideas.

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WhatamIgonnaeatnext? May 16, 2010

Made this to eliminate the odors in my son's dorm room while we were moving him out....worked wonderfully! Thanks.

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breezermom May 04, 2010
Faux Febreeze