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I am a chocoholic and was so excited to see a recipe for guilt-free brownies. I added baking soda and a couple of tbsp of skim milk as the earlier comments suggested. I also added 4 tbsp of dark chocolate chips and they turned out FANTASTIC!!! Definitely cured my chocolate craving! Do not be afraid of the look of the brownies when they first come out of the oven, they might look weird, but they taste great!!

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vj_lepage May 19, 2010

As is - the recipe is not worth making. They turn out like chewie rubber, somewhat chocolate flavored. My husband printed this off, but I wish I'd read the comments as well and I would have tried some of the suggestions. I did stir in a 1/4 c of Reeses PB chips - who doesn't love chocolate or PB chips in your brownies!

My intention was to make these as a Weight Watcher's treat - 1 pt/per brownie sounded really good (1/16 of the recipe)

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mrsbmiller January 29, 2011

Not a bad recipe! My batter became very thick, so I added about 1/4 cup skim milk, which seemed to help. This was a great recipe to cure a chocolate craving! Thanks for sharing! :-)

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HealthyDoll7 November 15, 2009

We added the baking soda as suggested by another reviewer on 2/28/06 and they came out nice! Sort of like a devil's food taste. I will use these in a fat free sundae :)

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heather February 18, 2009

DO NOT MAKE THESE WITHOUT READING THIS REVIEW!!! I made these in mini-muffin pans baking for about 7 minutes. The batter actually tasted good, although it had a very sticky, putty-like consistency. The end result, however, was horrible. I ate a few and then threw them away. They were kind of like puffy tootsie rolls. I realized afterward however, that the recipe didn't call for any baking soda or powder! I might try this again with 1 tsp baking soda added to the recipe. The idea of fat free, sugar free brownies is just too appealing to give up on!

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kayty999 February 28, 2006
Fat Free Sugar Free Brownies