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These are very good! I don't understand how anyone could have a problem with these. If you sift the flour into your measuring cup then you're not going to have a problem with the dough being too stiff or hard to work with. I had no problems with this recipe whatsoever. I used Ener-G egg replacer for the egg whites and used brown rice syrup instead of the Karo for my fellow vegans and it worked wonderfully. They're nice and soft all around. I halved the recipe and they baked in only 7 minutes. I had no issues with them sticking to the pan either. I will be making these again. Thank you for sharing.

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The Veganista March 23, 2011

I love these!! I don't quite know if mine are fat free seeing as you cant easily get hold of Karo syrup over here in England so I used Golden syrup and they came out amazing!! Crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle. I've been searching for a low fat cookie recipe for ages To get past the sticking issue i used a baking sheet and they slid right off. Thanks so much!!

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Muppet August 10, 2010

I followed the recipe up to the Karo syrup part. I substituted that for an internet-found substitution of mixing 1/4 cup sugar with enough water to make it syrupy. I don't know what went wrong, but I strongly recommend not using that substitution. The cookies didn't turn out bad, but they just weren't that good. Stick to the recipe. It sounds like it has been pretty successful just the way it is.

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zoegirl21 June 14, 2009

Unfortunately, these didn't turn out that well for me. Stuck with the recipe and in the final result, there are a couple of things: 1. These are REALLY sweet, almost sickenly so. I had dark Karo on hand and wouldn't use it again--imparts that "raisin-y" "0h-yeah-it's-fat-free" flavor store bought fat-free stuff has. Ick. 2. They stick to cookie sheets like crazy. I used spray AND non stick pans and still had difficulty getting them off without destroying half of them even though I let them set, which the recipe doesn't mention. They also stick to each other, making a large chuck of cookies if you stack them for storage. Overall I was really disappointed with them after the buildup. Martha Stewart has a really good fat-free chocolate cookie that you slice and bake--if I can relocate it, I'll post it--Really dense chocolate flavor. Sorry these just didn't do it for me.

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jxnandjim January 29, 2009

I used 1/3 of the recipe because I wasn't sure how good they would be. Not very sweet, but tasty considering how low in fat they are. I will make again but I'll make a whole batch next time.

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Leslie P. July 08, 2008

Oh I am SO DISAPPOINTED. After reading all the rave reviews of these cookies, I had to try them. I follwed the recipe exactly and WHAT A LET DOWN these are. All I can think is that the people who gave the rave reviews must have tried some REALLY nasty cookies before they tried these, I won't make these again.. Sorry.

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Neilis December 19, 2007

These were great 5 of the six taste testers of our house loved them. Only one didn't, but to be honest I think he was trying to be difficult. I added 1 teaspoon of strong coffee and a 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla. I will be making these often for sure. I think next time I will try the whole wheat flour as I have seen some have done, but I want to try the dark cocoa also.

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Chef Carol Kay December 10, 2007

Good cookies. I shaped the cookie dough into balls the size of small walnuts and then rolled them in sugar. I then baked them on parchment paper for 7-9 minutes--no longer! They easily came off the parchment paper. I did add some chopped walnuts for interest-walnuts are healthy for you-even on a low fat diet.

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Blueskye December 03, 2013

Really good and easy. Obviously they have that low-fat taste-as though they are missing something. but they are just as good anyhow. Nice and chewy. If you prefer your cookies crunchy, leave them in a container with the lid open for a day and they crispen up nicely. when they are like this, they are nice dipped into coffee or milk and they just melt in your mouth :D double thumbs up

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juleslong February 04, 2013

Wow! REALLY good for a fat-free chocolate cookie! We were really surprised and pleased with both the appearance and texture, to say nothing of the good chocolatey flavor. Even though there's no oil, the cookies have a little crispiness on the outside, and a moist "brownie" texture on the inside. Great combination - and good even without frosting! Just made our second batch - baked them for the full nine minutes this time. Delicious! Baked them on parchment paper instead of using a non-stick spray and they came off quite easily. This recipe is a keeper!

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Cindy McNeil September 06, 2012
Fat-free Chewy Chocolate Cookies