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Great cake! I followed the advice here and added extra cinnamon and nutmeg. I also made a low fat/ low sugar cream cheese icing because I was afraid that the cake would be dry (but it was not). Such a treat! Thank you! For those of you using English measurements: 90 ml = .4 cups 180 ml = 3/4 cups 250 ml = 1 cup 10 ml = 2 teaspoons

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qwerty3020 December 17, 2006

Just made this recipe into cupcakes. Don't think I'll use paper cups to line the pan the next time; somewhat difficult to remove paper from cupcake. Also, found these to be a little too salty; and questioned the amount (1/16 cup = 1 tbsp.) but decided to go with the amount called for in the recipe. Will reduce the amount of salt to just a tsp. like most recipes next time. Rather than use frosting, I took a cream cheese filling from another low calorie carrot cake recipe and filled each cupcake. Place a heaping tbsp. of batter in cup, then a heaping tsp. of cream cheese filling, and finally filling the remainder of the cup with batter. This recipe along with the cream cheese filling (made with Splenda) made 24 cupcakes so even with the cream cheese filling added, calorie amount drops to 116.45 per cupcake. Not bad at all.

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lmantei May 28, 2011

Positively excellent! I made this for my husband as I'm not big on sweets/cakes and he really enjoyed it as did his coworkers. I iced it with a thin layer of Cream Cheese Icing and sprinkled ground walnuts on top. Made for PAC Fall 2008. Thank you, Rav, for this keeper!

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Sandi (From CA) September 17, 2008

I am a baker and had a request from a diabetic customer for a carrot cake. Although I didn't taste it my customer loved it. He said it was perfect and he loved it. I did sprinkle the top with powered sugar instead of using the cream cheese icing on another recipe on this site.

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The Real Cake Baker August 13, 2007

I made this for my diabetic grandparents and not only did they love it, so did everyone else. I was told I could make it for them anytime I wanted! I also added the extra spices. Thanks for the recipe!! and Thanks for giving the equations for american baking!

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bcfdwife February 28, 2007

This cake is good. It taste like carrot cake, yet like no other carrot cake I've ever tasted. It is good as it is but next time I will add more of something to give it a "kick". More spice. I also prefer it with a moist glaze.

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-Sheri- November 03, 2005

OHHH LA LA !!! This recipe was a fantastic hit at the dinner party I attended tonite. No one knew it was low calorie and I actually asked everyone for their thoughts as to the taste, texture and opinions of the cake. I did increase the amount of carrots by about a cup and the cinnamon by about 1 TBSP. I also used cream cheese frosting with a light dusting across the top of the cake only of chopped walnuts. The cake is definately sweet enough without adding the icing, but I had a craving (lol) so it was added. Trust me when I say the cake was a hit and will definately be served again. Thanks so much :-)

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bluekrystal_2000 December 29, 2004
Fat / Calorie Reduced Carrot Cake