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I soaked cannelini beans in salted water overnight (CI method) and cooked them this morning, and poured the dressing over the warm beans. I did chop the onions rather than slice them - also chopped the garlic and added it to the salad dressing ingredients. Now about those 6 servings - I put half of it in a container for lunch, and ate the rest for breakfast. I think it would be 6 very modest servings.... I did need a little more olive oil to balance the flavors. This is a very nice bean salad - the cumin adds a hint of taste but does not overpower, so that this would be a lovely accompaniment to many dishes.

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duonyte August 14, 2012

I made this for a summer dinner and let it chill all day to get the best of the flavors blending together. I really love it, it's hearty without being too heavy and being cold it's also refreshing. The lemon is a high note that really brightens the salad. Thanks so much Mia for sharing this international yet so familiar dish. :D

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Annacia June 08, 2012
Fasulya Beeda Barda - Egyptian White Bean Salad