Fastest Lunch or Dinner Ever! (Healthy Too, W/Black Beans)

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Total Time
Prep 3 mins
Cook 0 mins

Forget wasting time waiting in the McD's line. This healthy dish is more delicious, nutritious, and fast. All 4 of my kids love this because it is mild, not like most black bean dishes. To be sure, it is simple and plain, but sometimes that is the best. It can be supplemented with as many things as you can imagine--grilled chicken pieces, cheese, cilantro, tomato, black olives, green onions, etc., but we all love it just like this.

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  1. Mix beans, corn, and mayo. Wrap in tortillas and serve immediately. Note: If tortillas are not on hand, a bag of chips will do -- just dip with the chips for a very informal meal!
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Very nice. My children (4 and 5) would never eat beans, and I've been trying to incorporate them more into my meals. This was the first time they tried and liked black beans... with just a few modifications. First, I knew they'd be more willing to try if it didn't look like mostly black beans, so I only used one can of beans instead of two. I also wasn't sure about the mayo, and the kids aren't fans, but they love sour cream. So, I used half mayo, half sour cream and reduced the total amount for the missing can of beans. One child ate it on a tortilla, the other in a bowl with chips, and I added guacamole to mine. So easy, simply, healthy, and modifiable. And the children ate it! Perfect. Thanks so much.