Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 6 mins

Using the microwave provides a quicker version of potato salad than you'll get from boiling the potatoes. Fast, simple, easy, and delicious! Perfect for those days when you just want potato salad but can't be bothered to make it from scratch, yet don't want the garbage you get at the grocery store. Also great for people living in households where other members don't share the same potato salad enjoyment (my fiancee hates mayo). For gluten-free or lactose free version-check that the mayo used is suitable

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  1. Cut the eyes and blemishes off the potatoes. Skin them if you prefer but I think they're delicious and they're definitely more nutritional!
  2. Rinse the potatoes and place them in the microwave undried.
  3. Microwave the potatoes (three at a time if you're making a double or triple recipe for the whole family or a potluck) spaced evenly apart on HIGH for THREE MINUTES.
  4. Chop your green onions. Chop your pickle and eggs if desired.
  5. Flip the potatoes over (careful, they're hot!) and microwave on HIGH for THREE MINUTES more.
  6. Mix the mayo, spices, onions, and optional pickle and eggs in a medium-sized bowl.
  7. Let the potatoes rest in the microwave for a few minutes (they will continue to cook).
  8. Test the doneness of the potatoes with a knife or fork by piercing into the center of each one. If the knife does not go in smoothly or there is resistance, repeat the microwaving process above in increments of ONE MINUTE.
  9. Place the cooked potatoes immediately into a bowl of cold water. Let cool for a few minutes.
  10. Remove the potatoes and cut into bite-sized pieces (usually halves and then eights will do) - careful, they may still be hot inside.
  11. Mix potatoes with sauce mixture, and enjoy!


Most Helpful

I followed the recipe with the following changes: 1/2 tsp paprika (instead of 1) and I added 2 stalks of celery as we like celery in our potato salad. I also microwaved the eggs so it made it super quick (cover eggs with cold water , add 1 tsp salt, microwave for 6 min, let cool for 2 mins then put in cold water--I have a high power microwave--lower power may need longer .)It tasted much like my traditional version with a garlic kick!!

miscm4 September 19, 2015

Well, I have to give this 5 stars because my family will eat it! For some reason they don't like typical potato salads, but my husband really liked this one, and kids who would refuse to eat other potato salads ate this one with coaxing and time. I'll definitely make it again. My DH had just one suggestion... add a little salt... okay, I will. Thanks!

Chef TanyaW October 27, 2014

I give it 5 stars because I liked it. I followed the recipe. But really, I thought so much paprika?, and so much garlic powder, really? and it was such a strange orange color for potato salad. <br/>In the end, it tasted good to me. I will wait to see how the family likes it.

ohgal April 14, 2013

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