Fast and Easy Coconut Custard Pie

Total Time
1hr 8mins
Prep 8 mins
Cook 1 hr

This is a fabulously easy pie that looks like you worked really hard! It makes its own crust and can be prepared and in the oven in no time. I found the original recipe in the "More With Less" cookbook and modified it slightly.

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  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Spray a 10 inch pie plate with cooking spray and then dust with flour.
  3. (Or grease it and then flour it in your usual method.) In a blender place everything but the coconut.
  4. Mix until it is blended.
  5. Add the coconut and blend for a few seconds or until it is all mixed.
  6. Pour it into the pie plate and bake for 50-60 minutes.


Most Helpful

I know this recipe as Impossible Pie and it is my absolute favorite - no holiday would be complete without it. It truly does make it's own crust and this custard always comes out just right - never watery.

Mysterygirl November 12, 2003

Pretty darned good. Came out a lot flatter than some of the photos, but I'm thinking my pie pan was a little small. I filled it to capacity (and then some) and it almost spilled over in the over. I did, however, use up the leftover mix that wouldn't fit into the pan and microwaved it as I've read others have done. THAT WAS AMAZING! Next time will not be so impatient (and greedy) and use a larger pie plate. Been trying for decades to get this kind of a crust for custard pie, using a regular pie crust...duh. Too easy. Next time will make plain custard w/o the coconut for my mom who can't have coconut. Thank you so much for this recipeUPDATE - made this again but used hand mixer instead of blender, and it came out more separated, like quiche as others stated. Made again with the blender, no problem. Perhaps the blender mixes or emulsifies things better? Hope this helps

Gretchin' January 12, 2013

Wonderful! This was really yummy and so easy to make! One thing I want to comment on regarding the review about the crust being a doughy mess. When I was reading the recipe and got to the part about dusting the pie pan with flour, I very nearly interpreted that as using the 1/2 cup of flour in the ingredients list. But it's a separate dusting of flour, and then the 1/2 cup goes in the blender. I wonder if that's what went wrong! Another thing; the first time I was so eager to eat the pie (it smelled so good!) that I pulled it out when the custard was done. But the crust was still pretty soft. The next time I made it, I put it on the second lowest rack in the oven and let it cook for the full hour. That did the trick. The crust is still soft - you can't expect a regular pie crust - but you just can't beat the simplicity of it. Oh, and the second time I made it, I put in an 8 oz. can of tidbit pineapple (well drained) and reduced the coconut to 3/4 cup. MMMMM!! Thank you for a great recipe!

ItalianMama October 13, 2009

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