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The only places I deviated from the recipe was that I first peeled the eggplant to avoid the bitterness in the skin; then in the sauce I used only a pinch of red pepper flakes and substituted a 30 ounce can of diced tomatoes as my garden offered slim pickins that day. I did use a wire rack when baking the coated eggplant which made nice crisp slices with no danger of greasiness. I prepared this early in the day, refrigerated, then popped into the oven in time for dinner without stress. I did add a bit of extra baking time to adjust for the refrigerated start. Served with a big mixed green salad. Lovely light summer supper, although next time I think some focaccia might go well with it.

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Donna Matthews September 05, 2008

Wow - this packs a lot of flavor and freshness in one bite! I had all the ingredients fresh from the garden, except my tomatoes were also somewhat lacking. I had to substitute a 28 oz. can of Italian plum tomatoes, which worked out well. I also added some chopped Sante Fe peppers that I wanted to use but, surprisingly, there was not a lot of heat (even using the red pepper flakes). The recipe didn't indicate, but I added the red wine with the tomatoes. Also, I was somewhat confused about oven temp. I decide to cook both the eggplant slices (on a rack, as suggested) and the composed dish at 375 and that worked out well. I only ended up with three layers, but it filled my loaf pan. The fresh mozzarella was like the icing on the cake! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. I know what I'm doing with my eggplant the rest of this summer!

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JackieOhNo! August 09, 2011
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