Farmers Market Kale Salad

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 0 mins

Choose a bunch of fresh young kale. Walnuts could be substituted for the pine nuts in the recipe.

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  1. Dressing: Whisk together the oil, lemon juice, syrup, mustard, red pepper, salt and black pepper (this can be done in the bowl the salad will be served in).
  2. Salad: Rinse and dry kale in a salad spinner or kitchen towel. Remove and discard the tough stems from the kale. I fold the leaves in half and slice along the stem to seperate them from the leaf. Cut the leaves crosswise into 1/2 inch wide strips.
  3. Assembly: Pour the dressing into a serving bowl and whisk well. Add the kale and toss to coat the leaves thouroughly with dressing. Garnish with rasins and nuts.
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This was great! The only change I made was adding a sliced apple and a few slices of onion to the mix! The dressing was unique and awesome!!!! Thanks!

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As my CSA box tends to contain kale frequetly, I am always on the lookout for new recipes. This was a very tasty, quick and easy salad. I only used half the red pepper, personal preference. It still had a "zing". I put the cut up kale in with the dressing and then "massaged" it with my hands for about a minute. This is a trick I learned that renders the kale soft, silky, and delicious. Then I added in a peeled, chopped apple. Didn't have raisins. Instead I chopped up 3 dried figs. Thought they matched well with the maple syrup in the dressing. Topped with toasted slivered almonds as that's what was also in hand. Looking forward to leftovers for tomorrow's lunch.

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This was a very nice (fast & easy) salad. I'm a newbie to kale salads and used fresh kale from my garden so I wasn't really sure how much I had and it turned out to be heavy on the dressing (so I guess I didn't put in enough kale) -- my fault. The dressing has a lovely balance of flavors (liked the maple syrup in there)! I think 932ninja's idea of adding apple and onion would be interesting too. Thanks.