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This had good flavor, and I love that it is multi-grain. Like Mikekey mentioned, I had some spreading of the loaf during the second rise but I was also serving with soup so it wasn't a problem. I would recommend watching this loaf very carefully as it bakes, what with the long bake time at a high temp. I asked my husband to keep an eye on it, and he let it go for the whole 40 minutes. The result was incredibly crunchy/chewy on the outside, and we all had a hard time with it. If that happens again I will tent with foil or a towel after baking to try and steam it softer, but a decrease in the baking time or temp ought to do it. Thanks, IngridH! Made for 123 Hits tag.

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smellyvegetarian November 03, 2011

This made a very dense loaf, as stated, and had a nice texture and crust. Mine spread out a little during the second proofing, so didn't get very high, but still great with a bowl of soup and some cheeses. Made for ZWT 7.

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Mikekey June 19, 2011
Farmer Bread (Burebrot)