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I use to wait at the cheesecake factory and this is my favorite pasta dish there. I was amazed at this sauce. I roasted garlic in the oven and caramelized the onions until they were nice and brown, I used bacon, added chicken & asparagus in the dish. I didn't have any peppers or peas. I like a lot of sauce so I used milk and heavy cream. I also added adobo to season everything.

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pitbullmommy December 11, 2009

Needs more garlic!

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erickarndt April 07, 2012

ok just made this and it was bland so i thought i woule add salt which made it too salty but still really good not exactly likw CFS BUT almost maybe the dry wine would help ive never used wine to cook w so i will see next time also looks exactly like CFS

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munecagirl22 November 11, 2010

I thought it was good but I still don't think that it tasted like the cheesecake factory. I too added more mushrooms and used bacon but the sauce just wasn't right. I saw a garlic sauce recipe where they added three roasted garlic cloves to the sauce pan and then the milk and cream and reduced it down a fourth and then added the parm. I hope that will make the sauce be more flavorful. I also will try pitbullmommy's way because she should know since she worked there.

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elizamybaby January 11, 2010

I was looking for a recipe for the CF dish, and this looked like a good one to try. I've made it twice so far. The first time I made it as the recipe was written. It asks for 1/2 cup of roasted red peppers, which is about what I got from one whole pepper. The end result was a little bland, except for a really strong roasted red pepper flavor. Still good, though. The second time I made a few changes, and a few cheats. I only used half of a roasted red pepper, chopped, I used half a 14.5oz can of diced tomatoes instead of fresh tomatoes,used 1 cup of chopped mushrooms, used 1.5 slices of regular bacon (I don't know where the other half slice went, I swear!) instead of pancetta, and I added half of a 14.5 oz can of chicken broth. (Wine as the other reviewer suggested would also be a good addition if you don't want to add chicken broth.) It was REALLY good. The bacon was really yummy in there. Beware the prep time is assuming that you already have roasted garlic paste and roasted red peppers. I definitely recommend fresh roasting the red peppers since it is a big part of the flavor. thanks for posting the recipe!

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bethmartin February 19, 2009

Dave asked for 'opinions' on this recipe which he has not yet tried, so I've decided to give an 'opinion' rather than a star rating in this instance. I made this recipe pretty much as written except I substituted bacon for pancetta and increased the amount of mushrooms and chopped peppers to 1 cup each. The result was a very pleasant dish, with a nice complexity of flavours but we both felt in lacked "oomph". There was considerable improvement when I added a good slosh of white wine, and I'd highly recommend adding 1/4 - 1/2 cup dry white wine to the sauce. I think a dash of chilli or tabasco might also lift the flavour of this dish. This is not a hard dish to make, but it does require organisation. You need to set out all the ingredients before you start cooking. I prepared the sauce up to the stage of putting the milk in, then put it aside. Next, I started the pasta and then, while the pasta was cooking, I finished the sauce. Preparation and cooking all up took just over an hour. The only other point I'd add is that it made far more than 2 servings. I think this recipe would serve at least 4. Don't get me wrong. We really enjoyed this meal, it's just that the flavour, as written, was a little 'flat' and needed some extra ingredients to give it a lift.

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Kookaburra October 29, 2006
Farfalle With Pancetta and Peas in a Roasted Garlic Cream Sauce