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This is too easy to be this good! I've been using this same recipe for three years now and never a complaint -- It's awsome with milk chocolate chips, semi-sweet or, (my favorite) Giridellhi Double Chocolate Chips. With regard to nuts, what ever you use be sure to toast them first. Pecans are a bit better than the walnuts, but try almonds or hazlenuts for something different.

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Steve_G December 10, 2001

I made this recipe today and it was very easy to make. I made it with Milk Chocolate Chips this time, but I think I will stick with Semi-Sweet Chocolate chips in the future because I like a more rich and deep chocolaty flavor. I did note, that even with my candy thermometer that after the mixture comes to a rolling boil, it takes about 5 minutes exactly to come to the 230 degree temp. (just like the recipe says for those of you who don't have a thermometer). NOTE: I had to remember what my mother told me as a little girl, which was NEVER scrape the sides of the pot during while adding the last ingredients because even one (1) grain of sugar re-stirred into the mixture will cause the fudge to be gritty and grainy as the sugar re-crystalizes - use water on a brush to get all of the sugar off of the sides if necessary. Also, the same applies when pouring the mixture into the buttered pan. Never scrape the sides of the pan to 'clean' the remaining fudge mixture off of the sides of the pot, or the same thing will happen. Also, she always had me beat the fudge, after pouring in the vanilla, until it had a high gloss shine. Love this kind of fudge! Hope this helps you make yours a success as well.

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CookWannaBe October 18, 2005

Excellent and easy recipe. I had never made fudge before this past weekend. It was so easy, I ended up making three kinds to give as office gifts...chocolate, peanut butter, and white chocolate. All were easy and delicious.

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Mark H. December 19, 2001

I too have made this recipe for years and noticed they changed it this year. I made it the new way and it is very tasty and turns out well. Thank you for the idea of different chips. Happy New Year.

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bettyanddan December 29, 2001

This is a no fail recipe. My family has made this one for years without ever having any problems. Haven't tried any but the chocolate, but I am sure that the other flavors would be great too.

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Mysterygirl June 10, 2002

This is the same recipe I've used since the early 80's (wonder how old it is?), it's quick easy, delicious, makes a lot and foolproof. Good candy recipe to have a kid begin learning with.

Another reviewer talked about not scraping sides of pan or the candy will turn grainy but you needn't worry about that with this recipe. The marshmallow fluff has corn syrup in it; when you mix two different types of sugars together crystals cannot form - the different shaped molecules cannot bond together (is the way it was explained to me). Any time you have grainyness when making candy w/ sugar, just add a small dollop of corn syrup. grainyness will dissolve.

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Weewah December 18, 2012

I make this recipe every year. Excellent! You'll have to try cinnamon chips and 1/2 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice. It taste like a pumpkin pie without the crust but a little sweeter but GOOD!

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Kym in Ohio November 12, 2002

This is the best fudge I've ever made, and I've tried them all!! To make it even easier, I have always added half of a jar of peanut butter instead of chips, and once it reaches the boiling point, stir constantly for five minutes ( I know, it's not fun, I pull up a chair and a book!) and then immediately take it off of the heat. I find that that's the trick with this recipe: always let it boil a full five minutes!! ENJOY!!!

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Brandi1 December 19, 2001

I, too, like everyone else, have been using this for many, many years!! I always get the best compliments! One of our favorites that I haven't seen mentioned yet, are the MINT CHOCOLATE CHIPS!!!! In a word, YUM!!! Thanks for posting!

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Wendy W88 November 10, 2002

thanks for posting this recipe. i, too, was upset when kraft changed the recipe on the marshmallow creme jar. however, it just doesn't seem the same. it doesn't seem as fudgy as i remember. i used ghiradelli semi sweet chips and i think i may try again with a half anf half mixture of bittersweet chocolate and semi sweet chips. thanks for the ideas for different flavors. i have made the peanut butter before and will try that again along with trying some butterscotch for a change!

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Deborah1 June 10, 2002
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