Fancy Chicken Salad and Croissant Sandwiches

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is the only chicken salad I like! I have made these for many potlucks and people just rave over them. This recipe has a crisp, clean, and sweet taste. Not your regular old chicken salad!

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  1. Drain chicken and dump contents in bowl.
  2. I use a potato peeler and peal my apple. Sometimes I just scrape the whole apple and chop the scrapings. Or you could just finely chop the whole apple.
  3. I usually cut the grapes in half with a knife. or I take a grape between my thumb and index finger and smash it and it break into 2 pieces. I do this to over half the bag. That works 2!
  4. Add the mayo and stir all together.
  5. Cut croissants in half and spoon mixture on.
  6. This looks very pretty and elegant!
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I love chicken! now put this Fancy Chicken Salad on a Croissant you have a great sandwich. I will try this.