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In view of the baffling negative reviews I decided to make some clarifications. PLEASE, READ THIS BEFORE YOU START. (Caveat: if you are counting calories or don't like sweet, this is NOT for you.) I have made this recipe at least once a year for the last 5 years; it always comes out perfect. On the matter of the CONSISTENCY OF THE BAKED PUDDING: I let it cool down completely after baking and it gets pretty solid; remember: this is not a cake, but a pudding, it will NOT be “dry.” (Use a very large baking dish, for this is a very big pudding.) Also, I skip the bain-marie step and maybe this changes its consistency? About the BREAD: I use what the recipe specifies, one loaf of Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon-Swirl bread. I don’t remove the crusts and even use the ends. This is the link to the Pepperidge Farm web site: On the PRALINE SAUCE: if you follow the instructions it will not come out runny, believe me.

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  1. Coat bottom and side of a 2" deep (very large) baking dish heavily with butter.
  2. Tear bread (including ends) into 1" pieces. Mix with raisins and spread it evenly in the prepared dish; be sure to turn as much of the crusts side down as they tend to burn easily.
  3. Whisk sugar, milk, whipping cream, vanilla, eggs and cinnamon until blended. Pour over bread mixture.
  4. (I skip this step) Place baking dish in a 4" deep baking pan. Add water to reach halfway up side of the baking dish. Bake for 1 hour in 325 F oven.
  5. Remove from water bath and let stand until completely cold. (I like to put it into the refrigerator, but keep in mind that this is a pudding, so it will not be "dry" like a cake.).
  6. Spoon into dessert bowls, warm in the microwave and drizzle with warm praline sauce. Top with whipped cream and add a scoop of ice cream.
  7. PRALINE SAUCE: (This is A LOT of sauce; I cut it in half and it is plenty. If you follow the instructions correctly, it will not come out "runny.") Heat 1 cup butter in large saucepan until melted. Add pecans and mix well. Bring to a boil. Cook until pecans begin to change color. (Mixture will foam over, so use a large saucepan.) Add remaining butter and mix well. This will cool the pecan mixture and stop the cooking process. Remove from heat. Combine brown sugar, whipping cream and cinnamon in a saucepan and mix well. (Do not beat after you add whipping cream, just mix.) Cook over low heat until blended, stirring constantly; increase heat--but be sure NOT to let it boil. Cook to 230 degrees on a candy thermometer. Stir in pecan mixture. Add sour cream and vanilla and mix well. Remove from heat.
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We had twelve guests for Thanksgiving dinner and everybody enjoyed this Bread Pudding right after dinner. AWESOME!!!!!!

dbarry1 December 01, 2009

I made this recipe for Thanksgiving and it was awsome!!! It taste exactly like the bread pudding from Famous Dave's restaurant. I did only make one half of the praline sauce and it was plenty.

Michelle W. November 26, 2009

Sooooo good! However this is a calorie buster for sure. I cut the praline sauce in half and it was more than enough. You really only need a drizzle. It is an EXTREMELY sugary sauce. As a matter of fact, if I made this again I would probably decrease the sugar quite a bit. No need to use a water bath. I didnt have a pan big enough for the 9 x 13 so I put a roasting pan with a bit of water in it on the 2nd rack underneath the pan the bread pudding was in. This was crazy good, but my waistline is paying for it!!!

cnewnam January 01, 2011