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These were THE MOST awesome cinnamon rolls I have ever made in my life! The dough was very easy to work with.... they raised beautifully.. and best of all, they taste JUST LIKE Cinnabon cinnamon rolls!!! I made 2 batches in 2 days~ (giving most away... LOL ...too tempting to have in the house) Definitely a MUST try!!!

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marlene4 June 22, 2002

Absolutely AWESOME! I've never made cinnamon rolls before, And these turned out incredible. Just like at the mall.

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gypsybartendar June 27, 2002

Fantastic! A couple of things to note: the BROWN SUGAR & CINNAMON was noted in the ingredients section (although somewhat obvious as needed), I may have totally forgotten about the Brown Sugar if I used the items listed from the shopping list. The prep time was a little deceiving as it took me about 3 1/2 hours from start to finish to get it all done. The nice thing was that I was able to focus on the clean up and prep of other items while waiting for the dough to rise. Definitely make sure that you have at least a gallon of milk to have ready for you and others to wash down this wonderful item. Would recommend cutting the dough into 4 pieces before rolling it out. It should then come out to the 20 rolls and not take up the entire counter to cut. Thanks for sharing this recipe!!! :-)

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VKuuipo Bridges October 20, 2003

This was perfect. My house smelled like the Cinnabon store. My friends couldn't believe I made them from scratch. Only advice to people trying this recipe: don't cheat on the brown sugar---it sounds like a lot, but you will need it!!! Awesome.

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Patty in Raleigh July 31, 2003

So here is my cinnabon story...We love cinnabon, especially DH. I have made many many types over the years and it has always been hit or miss. Let me tell you I was scared to death after adding the flour and seeing how sticky the dough was. It took everything I had to hold back from adding more flour, but after reading the reviews I knew that it was going to be sticky, but not like this. So I let it rise about 2 hours...punched down and rise again about another two hours as I got distracted cleaning. I prepared myself for the stickiest mess I could imagine. I covered my counter with flour and just dumped the bowl over onto it. I grabbed another scoop of flour and put it on top. Let me tell you what a shock I had. This is the softest dough I have ever worked with. I didn't even need to get out the rolling pin. I followed the rest of the directions and made about 28 buns ranging in all different sizes. The result...WoW! MY TIPS:...use a pizza cutter to cut strips, then when picking up, scoop and form into a circle shape. Do the filling steps in two batches, it is very difficult to roll tightly with it so large. Next time I will use more brown sugar and cin., not quite enough for the amount of dough. Take off sheets right away! They will stick when them come out. I hope this is helpful! ENJOY!

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luv2cookinpa August 23, 2008

Great recipe. I was amazed these came out so perfectly because I have never had a lot of luck with yeast recipes. I cut them at 1" intervals instead of 2 and made smaller rolls. Plenty for the freezer! The dough was much stickier than I expected it to be but after 2 risings it rolled out beautifully. I only used 1/2 cup of butter in step 14 and it was still dripping out the sides...one cup seemed too much. Also, next time I will half the frosting recipe. My rolls looked very, very frosted and I still only used half the amount called for. Thanks for a winner!!

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Laura in Texas October 07, 2003

Oh my, oh my!! Made these today and they are scrumptious and heavenly, I will make them again, everyone loved them :)

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mcadkins April 14, 2012

I gotta tell you, I told my wife for a weeks to make me some cinnamon rolls when she came across this recipe. I think I ate 10 of them in two days! I gained 5 pounds and it was all thanks to these devilishly delicious cinnamon rolls. The seemed easy to make (I was watching in anticipation), and they were very, very easy to eat! One Million Stars!!!

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fawn_eyes888 January 11, 2009

Wow, this is amazing. It all blends together just like Cinnabon, without being expensive. The dough is hard to work with until you roll it out with lots of flour, but it turned out great.

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Che' Pepe January 04, 2009
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