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This has become the challah recipe that I will pass down to my children. Seriously the best challah I have ever had. I add 1 cup of sugar instead of half a cup - personal preference, I like a sweeter bread. Also, this last time I made it with the oven set to convection, reduced the temp to 350 and baked it for 15 minutes then let it sit in the oven while it was off for another 10. PERFECT.

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Ezzie's Mama December 23, 2011

Challah was one of the first things I made that got me into baking. I have been using the same recipe for 3 years now and I thought it was great. I was wrong. This is better than any I have every tried. I used to buy it from a Russian bakery because they had the best. This beats them hands down. I did skip the traditional glaze and subbed it with melted butter as well as used ¾ cup sugar instead of the full cup or half cup options. Sweet, but not too sweet. Also made rolls and a standard loaf instead of the braided loaf. I made the rolls to use for BBQ. It is by far the perfect addition to a shredded BBQ sandwich. I plan to use the regular loaf in the morning for French toast. Thanx Tante B. I plan to share recipe with my family and friends.

***Updated review******
Not sure why I only gave this 4 stars before. I must have hit my head or been stunned by how good this challah is. Today I made rolls. I portioned the dough into 2oz balls and coated some with sesame seeds and some with chopped onion. The rest I left plain with just the eggwash glaze. The recipe yeilds about 30 rolls. Also, I tried using my bread machine today. My machine only runs for 1:30 on the dough cycle. I let it run the first cycle as is, then I pulled the mixing blade out of the pan and set the dough back in for another 1:30 cycle. Easy as can be. Just follow your machines instructions for putting in the ingredients. Just have to say it again. Thanks for posting this awesome recipe. this has changed the way I make bread.

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ROV Chef October 27, 2010

Since I know my Kitchen-Aid has trouble with recipes calling for much over 5 cups of flour, I halved this. I added a pinch of saffron to the water with the yeast, and I used a whole egg (even though it's half a recipe). I used the Kitchen-Aid to do all the kneading, and added about 3/4 c dark raisins for the last few minutes of kneading. Since it's still the High Holidays, I cut the dough in two, rolled each piece out to about 24" and coiled them up to form two beautiful spiral loaves. I thought it was just sweet enough with the raisins, so I'm glad I didn't add any extra sugar. Beautiful recipe!

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DrGaellon September 27, 2009

Just finished making my challas for succos I tripled the recipe and made 5 little and 3 big round challas they look and smell wonderful I can't wait till succos to eat these.JUST UPDATING TO LET YOU KNOW THE CHALLAHS WERE SO GOOD THERE WASN'T EVEN A CRUMB LEFT OVER this is the challa recipe I'll be using for now on. Thanks Tante B. for the perfect challa recipe

if you want to have the mitzvah of baking challa with a bracha the dough must contain at least 5 lb. of flour so here is the recipe tripled:

5 pounds 3 cups flour
3 Tbs. dry yeast
3 eggs
1 1/2 cups oil
3 Tbs. salt
1 1/2 cups sugar
6 cups warm water

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BEST COOK IN TOWN August 11, 2010

This is great! I followed the recipe very closely, except for the forming. As this was a county fair entry for me this year, and the fair requires all breads be baked in a standard loaf pan, I folded the ends under to get a loaf pan sized dough after braiding. Let it rise as per instructions and baked. And I now have another blue ribbon from the fair for this great bread.

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ReeLani August 06, 2008

I don't have a breadmaker or a mixer, but I try to make my challah as often as possible, and this is my go-to recipe. We always glaze with milk, not egg, because I don't like the shiny look of egg, and because we're vegetarian, so we don't have to worry about accidentally forgetting the glaze and breaking kosher. Anyway, this is the perfect challah recipe - thanks so much for posting!

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CookingTimeForMe January 05, 2009

Fantastic! I made this bread to use for "Creme Brulee French Toast". I am not a novice bread baker, although my results are not always consistant. I have never come across a recipe like this where you punch down the dough every 20 minutes, or turn off the oven during baking. I had to try it, and I'm so glad I did! I did not have quite enough oil, so I used melted butter to make up the difference. The dough pulled away from the bowl before I got all of the last 3 1/2 cups incorporated. I used most of the remaining flour during kneading. I had to let the shaped dough raise a little longer because my kitchen was chilly, but other than that, I followed the instructions exactly. Excellent recipe, thank you for sharing!

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SassyStew December 25, 2008

This was my first bread-making attempt in years. Though it was time-consuming it was well worth it and really easy. My boyfriend, who's Jewish and grew up in NYC where you can actually get good challah, said this was some of the best he's had - better than from most bakeries anyway. I didn't do your braid - I did a four strand braid from the Joy of Cooking - but followed your recipe. Everything came out great - beautiful and delicious! thank you!

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Georgiapea December 06, 2007

Excellent challah. I cheat and just throw everything in the bread machine, and when it gets to "Rise 2" I take it out and braid it, and let it rise in the oven. Then I glaze it with the egg and poppy seeds, and bake it for about 20-23 minutes, otherwise it gets to dark and dry. I also add a tad more sugar, for a sweeter bread. This recipe has replaced the recipe I had used from the Joy of Cooking.

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rmf917 February 11, 2007

I have tried at least 50 Challah recipes over the years and this one comes the closest in taste, texture and appearance to what I remember of my grandmother's Challah. Unfortunately, she never wrote out her recipe, but thinking about it, how could you you write down "a handful of this and a pinch of that." The first time I made this recipe, I followed it exactly, and although it was excellent, I further tweaked it until it was FANTASTIC. I increased the sugar to 3/4 of a cup. After forming the challahs (step 27), I brushed them with the glaze (that I thinned with a teaspoon of water and a pinch of salt) and covered them with a sheet of lightly oiled plastic wrap and refrigerated them overnight. After removing them the next day, I let them sit out for 2-3 hours and glazed them again before baking according to step 31& 32 of the recipe. I found that the refrigeration for the 2nd rise gives the challah a deeper flavor, and the two step glaze a richer color.

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trackbuff September 18, 2012
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