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I have been making this soup for over 20 years and have never found another recipe that even comes close. It is time consuming but the results are amazing. The only thing that I do differently is, instead of mixing the flour with a can of broth, I add the flour to the paprika, salt and papper and make a roux by adding the mix to the tenderized onions. You need to stir constantly because you don't want the mixture to scorch or brown, but you do want to cook it long enough to get the flour taste to disappear. The roux takes about 10-20 minutes of stirring to get all the flour incorporated with the onion liquid. After the roux is ready, slowly start adding your liquid, stirring all the time. The result is a smooth, rich texture. No lumps and no flour taste. If it is too thick for your liking, add another can of broth.

If you're really ambitious...make your own stock! You will notice the difference. No "can" taste, more flavor and healthier too! Enjoy!

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rexngar June 17, 2011

I finally got around to making this and kick myself for not doing so sooner. This is just a fabulous French Onion soup. The only "drawback" is processing the onions. Believe it or not, I put on swim goggles processing them!!! Maybe I just had extra potent onions??? But once that was done the rest was just a matter of time and the results were outstanding. I have several frozen lumps of French Onion soup to enjoy for some time to come (like tonight). Thank you for posting this one Bill. I usually don't say I'll do this one again but. . . . I'll do this one again.

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Tebo October 05, 2002

The French Onion soup recipe is one of the most popular dish served at the Famous Barr (also part of the May Dept store group) restaurants found in St.Louis. Based on my travels to the various countries including Europe, Asia and US, this version of French Onion soup is one of the best I've had. My husband who is from London just loves this recipe. It is robust and hearty in beef and onion flavour and quite thick so you can enjoy this as a meal in itself (you might say it's great comfort food). Be sure to use the broiler until the cheese bubbles and turns golden brown over the French bread. Tip: Try to use the fresh French bread which is a bit chewy in texture. Bon Appetit.

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Wei-Li Eastlake December 04, 2000

I had the time so cooked the onions for about three hours before adding broth. Very nice flavor and appearance. Will make this my new standard recipe. Thank you!

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Salesgirl February 02, 2003

Wish I could give it more than 5 stars. Live on the East Coast now and can't find a restaurant that can compare to this. I remember going to St.Louis for Weekends with my parents. Famous Bar For lunch was a definite. Always ordered the French Onion Soup. We would stay at the Mayfair Hotel and always had the Mayfair Salad with dinner. I know have the recipe for Mayfair Dressing. This just completes it for me.

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Carole Whitmore January 19, 2002

Fantastic! The best French Onion soup I have ever made. It was thick, rich, beautiful colour and the flavour was outstanding. I have deleted all other recipes saved to try............this is the ONLY one I will ever make from now on. I would not change a thing, why mess with perfection. Thank you so much my Husband could not stop raving. I can't wait to make this for company.

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Kermit in Huntsville May 24, 2010

This was excellent soup. Totally forgot to take a pic of it though. But I will next time I have it. I used sweet vidalia onions. I also had put in about 2 Tbs. of Worchestire sauce instead of Kitchen Bouquet and did not put any salt in it. I did use the wine but I think I would like to try sherry the next time. I find it adds a little different taste. The house smells so good when this is simmering. I chose to go with gruyere cheese. Personally I find this is the perfect cheese for this soup. Delicious flavor of sweet onions and a fantastic broth. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe Bill it was much appreciated.

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FrenchBunny January 06, 2010

High praise from 8 of my Valentine's Day Dinner guests who all wanted the recipe! I stored it overnight in the crock pot that I used to simmer it for 2 extra hours the day that I served it. To avoid having to handle oven hot servings, I took the advice of another reviewer and broiled gruyere cheese onto toasted french bread. Then I put the bread on top of each half filled bowl and spooned hot soup on top until each bowl was full. So easy and so pretty for a formal dinner. Simply fabulous without wine or coloring!

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grammyof3 February 19, 2009

Wow, this is some rich french onion soup! I could only eat a little at a time, but the flavor was really great. I think next time I will thicken it less as it almost seemed like gravy. Very good! Thanks for posting.

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Chris from Kansas August 24, 2010

I made this exactly as written (it really irks me when prople rate a recipe that they have not made to the letter). As an onion gravy, I would rate this three stars. As a soup, I can't rate it, as to us, this was not a soup. I read ALL the reviews so I made the full amount so we would have plenty for the freezer. I guess we just like our onion soup "brothy" and not as sweet- must have been the long cooking that removed the "oniony" taste. I guess we fall in the minority here.

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jerseygirl1952 September 25, 2011
Famous Barr's French Onion Soup