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If you follow this recipe you can't go wrong! I am so pleased with myself that I was able to make homemade dumplings. I always thought it was hard. This recipe is just perfect! It tasted so good and my family was really surprised that I did it. They came out way better than any chicken and dumplings I have ever tasted!

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cutiepie_1260 February 02, 2009

This is the best Chicken and Dumplings I have ever had...and I made it! I am not a great cook and this turned out wonderful. Perfect meal after a long day of hunting elk!

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powelltngb October 04, 2011

This recipe is awesome. This was the first time I have ever made it. I was a little worried that I couldn't make the dumplings. But the directions were easier to follow than I thought. If you follow this recipe you will get the best chicken and dumplings. You won't ever want to use canned biscuits ever again. The sauce was truly very creamy and gravy like. You can really taste the herbs and seasonings. I was wondering if the gravy was going to get any thicker. But I kept stirring and letting it sit on low for a while. It turned out great. I thought it was better the next day. It was alot thicker. I also rolled the dough out more to make my dumplings a little thinner. My kids just ate it all up they loved it. I'am sure I'll be making alot more of this in the future. Sherry, thank you for all your great recipes.

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mnowell2000 January 30, 2009

Thank you for the detailed instructions. Especially with adding flour to the sticky dough. Many ppl on this site looking for recipes have never made their own dough and don't automatically know to add flour to the counter and ball of dough. I'm making this today. 8)

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FlFishinGirl October 29, 2012
Family Reunion Chicken and Dumplings