Family Fun's Gingerbread House for Toddlers

READY IN: 20mins
Recipe by COOKGIRl

An easier gingerbread house for toddlers to make! You'll need a 'Ziploc''-type plastic bag and a pair of scissors for this recipe.

Top Review by Leahcooks

This was fun! And so much easier than baking gingerbread! My 3 and 4 year olds loved it. You just have to tell them to be very "gentle" when applying the icing and the candy because the house may collapse...(ours did a couple times and I had to put it back together). Use a lot of icing to put the crackers together and you will probably not have the same problem. We started with little amounts of icing and then found that liberal amounts work better! Have fun :-)

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  1. Use a wooden spoon to blend the cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla extract in a bowl until the mixture is creamy. Spoon the frosting into a ziplock bag, then use scissors to snip off a tiny corner of the plastic.
  2. To assemble the cottage, first pipe a line of frosting along one edge of a graham cracker square and stick it to a plate to make a wall. Add three more walls, piping lines of frosting on three sides of each square to attach it to the plate and the cracker next to it. Use two more squares to form a peaked roof, attaching them to the cottage and each other with frosting.
  3. Now squeeze lines of frosting all over the walls and roof -- let an older tot do this herself -- and show your child how to gently press on the decorations. When she's done decorating, she can devour her treat.
  4. Variations from the website: Advanced Architecture Toddlers (AAT) will be free-form with their decorating techniques, but older siblings may want to try the following tips and techniques:.
  5. Arrange rows of square cereal on the roof for shingles. Or trim the roof with golden-raisin and red-cranberry holiday lights.
  6. Frame windows and doors with pretzel sticks and add a pretzel-rod chimney. You can also use pretzels for log cabin-style siding.
  7. Lay a cobblestone walkway with pumpkin or sunflower seeds (again, depending on the ages of your children).

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