Fall off the Bone Sweet & Sour Ribs

Total Time
3hrs 10mins
10 mins
3 hrs

I tried these at a family reunion and loved them! These are so easy to make. You throw a few ingredients together, throw them in the roasting pan and let the oven do all the work. The end is fall off the bone ribs and a yummy sauce that goes great with rice!

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  1. Put ribs in roasting pan.
  2. Mix remaining ingredients together.
  3. Pour over ribs.
  4. Bake at 325°F for 3 hours.
  5. Baste or "rotate" the ribs during cooking to make sure all of them get a nice coating of the sauce.
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We did like these, but would have loved them if the sauce would have stuck more. The flavor of the sauce was wonderful, but was in the pan not on the ribs. I did rotate them halfway through. I also didn't have any tomato juice so I substituted V8 spicy and it was really good !!

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Great and easy ribs that the whole family loved. I did cut the vinegar down to 3/4 C. Super recipe!

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hehe i loved them shannon! and honestly i thought they were waaay better then the ones we had later that night ;) tabby