Fall off the Bone Chinese Spareribs

Total Time
2hrs 40mins
Prep 10 mins
Cook 2 hrs 30 mins

I love these! I don't even eat BBQ ribs anymore because of these, maybe one day I'll branch out but these are too good!!!!!

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  1. First before you do anything get you a really big pot and fill it up with water. I use my big soup stockpot but whatever big pot you have that'll fit the ribs is fine. Heat on burner on medium heat. Next put a bunch of spices and herbs in there, I use garlic salt, ground pepper, thyme, rosemary, and oregano, but whatever u like is fine, this is your beef stock.
  2. Put ribs in spiced up water. Now let simmer for about 2-3 hours, till meat is gray and starting to pull away from the edges of the bones. Take ribs out of pot, save liquid for recipes that call for beef stock. Put ribs in 9x13 baking dish or pan, don't forget to grease it!
  3. Mix all ingredients listed above in a bowl. Taste, if not to your liking add a little bit of whatever you think will help it out. I usually end up putting in more honey and hoisin. Now brush some of sauce on both sides of ribs and let sit on and absorb for about 20-30 minute.
  4. Heat oven to 350 degrees. Brush more sauce on both sides of ribs. Bake for 15 minute Brush more sauce on. Bake 15 more minute. Sauce on ribs should be brown and crispy looking. Serve with sauce if desired and if enough leftover.
  5. Enjoy!
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I really liked this recipe, it was very tender and tasty. Instead of boiling the ribs on the stovetop, I let them sit in the crockpot all afternoon in water, seasoning and a little vinegar (to help tenderize). The rest of the recipe I followed exactly (except that I had to omit the sherry, as I did not have any on hand). The ribs were finger-licking good! Thanks!

Little Squirrel December 27, 2007

Awesome ribs! I didn't boil them but basically steamed them in a covered broil pan with water at 325 for about 2 1/5 hours then slathered them with the sauce and broiled for about 20 minutes to make them crispy (pouring out the water first). They were perfect and the sauce was excellent. A nice change from standard BBQ ribs. Thanks for sharing!

KLBoyle December 26, 2011

This is truly yummy and as an asian it sure beats all the other ribs I have ever eated. So thanks for sharing....my kids think I am an awesome cook now...

Gt global August 28, 2009