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I wouldn't call this "fall-apart-tender", that to me gives this roast more of a pull pork discription and exactly what I wasen't looking for. I have only made a couple pork roasts in my life and rubbed with spices, and more spices and drown in bbq sauce to hide how dry it was. I followed this recipe to the letter--just cut everything in half since it was 2 lbs, cooked 3 hrs, waited 40 min to cut and poured slightly thickened juices over--but this is soooo juicy you won't use much. And instead of being stringy it was very much slicable. I cut into very thin slices and it held its shape. I would difinitely rename to sunday dinner roast pork

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tomato gueen May 04, 2011

too sweet! I wish I knew this before making. This would be a good base for a bar-b-que pulled pork. Maybe I miss understood.

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deborahmarie December 17, 2011

Well Kittencal, here in the midwest about the only thing we know to do with a pork roast is slice it and BBQ it, and maybe some pulled pork. Had one in freezer and didn't feel like pulled pork, so I found this recipe. OMG, this was fantastic !! Cooked exactly as you specified, I had a roast a little over 7 lbs so it took about 5 hours to cook, but LET ME TELL YOU, when this was sliced the juices just rolled !! We were soo impressed. The sweetness of the brown sugar and apple juice was divine. I do like pork and apples together anyway. This will now be the way I cook pork butt!!! It takes a lot for me to give up my BBQ girl! LOL Thankyou sooo much for this great recipe, I will be trying it out on company, and cant wait to hear the mmmmmmm coming from the table !

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Baby Chevelle January 10, 2008

Loved this recipe, and the way it came out. Literally, fell completely off the bone. The reason for four outta five? I did make some changes due to what I had on hand. We improvise when we have to. ;) (minced garlic instead of cloves; packed on surface under brown sugar, and 1 cup water with 1/4 cup white wine instead of the apple juice.) Kitten, you've shared a gem with this one!! Thanks for posting, it's now a regular go-to for our home!!

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I am his Jenni December 03, 2009

This was very good - so tender and juicy that even our 1 year old gobbled it up. The juice was really delicious and went nicely over rice. We didn't have apple juice so used pineapple instead. Next time I'll use apple to see if it makes a huge difference. It was a nice way to cook pork butt that didn't involve barbecue sauce and many hours in a crock pot, although I am a fan of pulled pork!

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The Portugarians January 26, 2010

The cook in me knew there was something wrong with the 200 degree temp the recipe suggests, should say at least 325-350. Now 4 hours later I hv ppl coming and I have a barely cooked chewy piece of meat.

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asheratm October 04, 2015

I really wanted to like this recipe. However, the sauce was just too sweet to use. Luckily, the meat didn't take on a too-sweet flavor. The cooking method was spot-on so I will use the cooking directions and use a vegetable broth for the liquid and skip the brown sugar all together.

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Lunchmeat January 02, 2014

I followed this recipe to the letter for a family gathering, and found it very disappointing. The meat was edible and even tasty, not overly "chewy," but certainly not "fall apart tender," and not even in the category of pulled pork. The drippings made excellent gravy, which redeemed the meal, but I won't be messing with this one again.

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grammywoj March 08, 2013

Made it exactly as described and it turned out wonderful. Very tender. Very easy to make. Sliced it and served it with the juice poured over top of it. Great flavor. We had cooked apples, potatoes and a vegetable with it. Made a great inexpensive meal. I will be making it again. For the few reviewers who didn't give outstanding comments, I don't think they were imagining pork roast...they were thinking pulled pork. This is not BBQ, this is not pulled pork. It is delicious

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whatchacookn February 22, 2013

Awesome recipe my dear friend. I followed the recipe to a t, didn't and wouldn't change a thing. This was my first time cooking with shoulder butt and your recipe certainly didn't disappoint. Moist, juicy, tender pork that has a lovely flavor. It was fall apart perfect and we enjoyed it so much on cabiatta buns with salt, pepper and mustard. Thanks for sharing a recipe that I will make again.

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Baby Kato December 04, 2011
Fall-Apart-Tender Slow-Roast Pork Butt