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We had to cut our trip to Egypt short due to the protests, so I was looking to cook some meals that we should have had more of, including falafel and tahini sauce. I chose to make this recipe because of the taratoor sauce, and boy, am I glad I did. It tasted just like what we were served in Egypt (minus a sprinkle of ground cumin on top). The falafel was quite tasty too, though I felt the spices could easily be increased by 1.5. In the future I'll increase the parsley and add cilantro as well. My first three fell apart as soon as they hit the hot fat, but then I started packing them like I would a hamburger patty and they stayed together perfectly after that (or perhaps that was the time the flour needed to bind?). Many thanks to evelyn/athens for another great recipe!

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MmmGarlic February 07, 2011

I enjoyed this very much. I used chickpeas that had previously been soaked overnight then cooked until tender. Also, halfway through the recipe I realized that there was absolutely no bread in the house so I substituted a few tablespoons of atta flour and it worked perfectly. This was my first time making the taratoor sauce. It was quick, easy, and oh so tasty. Thanks for a great recipe.

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Ellen E August 07, 2010

My first attempt at falafel and what a fantastic flavor! I had trouble getting the mixture to stick together, which is why I'm giving 4 stars. It might have been me, though. Anyway, I'll make it again just for the flavor! Thanks, Evelyn!

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Kabwe Cook July 12, 2010

Perfect, perfect, perfect. These are fantastic. We did not make the taratoor sauce because we love tzatziki, so we made that instead, but next time I will try the taratoor. These were really easy- and I just had a few out of the freezer reheated at 350F for 5 minutes in my toaster oven and they're even yummier than they were when I first made them. Perfect, though (should I expect any less from you?). Some falafel recipes I've tried have been way too dry and some have been rather soggy. This was just perfect. Thanks again, Evelyn. I'll be making this again and again.

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Roosie December 07, 2003

TREMENDOUS! These things were devoured at a dinner party last night. Everyone raved! I did use canned chickpeas (all I had)... and baked in the oven as opposed to frying (I don't eat fried food)...I can't imagine them being any tastier than they were. I didn't make the sauce as I am a tzatziki kind of girl. Thanks so much for this outstanding recipe.

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Snoelle February 04, 2010

I am very picky about my falafel and these were great! I did use a food processor and did so in batches, fresh parsley, and added three fresh jalapenos in place of the sweet red pepper, we like them spicey. Otherwise the spices were perfect. . I also did not do the end baking powder and water bit mine were moist enough. Perfect served with a hot tzatziki sauce and raw veggie salad.

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Maeven6 October 28, 2009

Oh my god, these are WONDERFUL! I've had and tried may different Falafel recipies, and this is the best! And the Taratoor is delicious too. We put it on veggies and DH put some on his steak and raved about it. Well worth the effort, I'll make this over and over again.

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MissAli April 09, 2008

this is by far the best falafel i have ever made! using the raw chickpeas really makes a difference. the sauce is basically the same recipe i have used in the past, but the falafel had a nice spicey taste, crunchy on the outside, moist on the inside. i used my deep fryer and these were not at all greasy.i served these in pita with chopped cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce. just wonderful!

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chia October 26, 2003

Seriously amazing recipe! Made as written, except for using dried parsley rather than fresh, and using chickpea flour instead of wheat. I had a bit of trouble keeping them together, but that was user error, not the recipe. My food processor went to that great kitchen in the sky, and I had to use my vita mix to mix the chickpeas. It doesn't do as fine of a job, so there are some bigger chunks.My picky 4 year old LOVED the 'bits' that fell off ( I would strain them out onto a paper towel), Still ended up with plenty of falafel, I don't think I will ever try another recipe.. this one is it! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

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GertieGirl January 19, 2013

Falafels: Great; lots of good flavors, moist on the inside and crunchy crust. Taratoor: yuck. We made it as directed, but I just didn't care for the taste (luckily I made a tzaziki sauce as well, and that was great with the hot falafels). Will definitely be making the falafels again.

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KVasanth May 04, 2012
Falafel With Taratoor Sauce