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It didn't stick together during frying. It came out horribly; I had to throw it out. See photo. To be fair, I substituted wheat germ for cracked wheat, but I don't see how that could have made a difference.

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John H June 03, 2002

I did use the cracked wheat (bulghur) in mine. Even so, there is not a whole lot I can add to what has been said before because yes, they fall apart. Watching them cook, I could see them try to dissolve into sludge in the oil. It is only with great care that I managed to retain the shape on any of them at all. The flavor was all there of course, but the texture was all wrong. Very soft with an uncooked feel, even after frying. It absorbed an awful lot of oil (which is part of what I think kept them soft). Many falafel recipes do not use a binder (such as egg), but before I would attempt this again, I would use that. Sorry I can't speak more highly of this recipe- I did look forward to it, and feel bad that it didn't turn out.

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Sue Lau September 15, 2004